Waterproof tool case trolley shipping case 736*457*266mm deposit box Impact Plastic toolbox camera case equipment box with Foma

$210.00 $180.60

The equipment box sealed waterproof, dustproof, automatically adjust the internal and external pressures, with shock resistance, low temperature performance and resistance to deformation, suitable for any transportation environment.


External dimensions: 802*521*301 mm

Internal dimensions: 736*457*(cover44.5+bottom221.5) mm

Weight not with foam: 9.5kg


1, comprising two of the latch;

2, a double handle real soft-hearted;

3, a product designer;

4, a pressure balance valve;

5, powerful whole root hinge;

6, tough, lightweight, high-performance resin;

8, waterproof;

9, color: black

10, built-in foam, with shockproof foam or no foam;

11, the label (no label or customer specified label);

12, the product to be tested by IP67 waterproof and dustproof;

1- ---Drop Test: built-14KG goods 640MM height, angle facet round free fall 26 times -20;

2- ---Vibration test --ASTMB4169.DC-18 (American Society for Testing and Materials Standard): 120minutes 5-50 Hz violent vibration, three axial, axial 40 minutes each;

3- ---Rain test: water per hour 100MM, respectively, for the six surfaces 40 minutes and rain;

4---- Immersion test: depth of one meter, pressure 1.5PSI, time of one hour, the box with water to 5 degrees.

And provide relevant test reports.

  • Material: PP ALLOY
  • Model Number: SJX-2950
  • Type: Wheel
  • Size: 736*457*266mm

  • Package Size: 83cm x 55cm x 34cm (32.68in x 21.65in x 13.39in)
  • Package Weight: 14.0kg (30.86lb.)
  • Unit Type: piece