Powerti 2 reels/lot Hexagonal 1.25mm Tennis Racket String Top Spin 200m Reel Polyester Training Racquet String


Hottest sell polyester hexagonal string in China

Hexagonal Tennis Racket String Top Spin Polyester String Reel 200 M

hard feeling

Model name: hexagonal polyester

Made in Taiwan

One lot = 2 reels

Guage : 1.25 MM

Length: 200 meters

Specify color acceptable

Available color: black, white, gray, red

[Features]: 1. Single multilayer outer angular protrusions, so that the line can bite ball without slipping, but also perfectly fine to eat diameter into tennis, can enhance the rotation, is having a marked topspin excellent tennis line; 2. Single inner make feel more soft, comfortable feel both comprehensiveness and cable; easy to trace, without side play, the ball struck the edge line; 3. Since tensile strong pound back is very small; ribbed design increases the contact time required and the film surface, so reducing the racket vibration; 4. Strong resistance to fight, more than any other line of the ball more than 4 times.

  • Brand Name: POWERTI
  • shape: Hexagonal Tennis string
  • length : 200m reel tennis string
  • polyester tennis string: Tennis vibration dampener/tennis racket dampener
  • hexagonal tennis racquet string: hexagonal string
  • quantity : 2 reels/lot
  • feature : durable
  • Model Number: hexagonal tennis string
  • Accessory Type: Tennis String
  • guage: 1.25mm tennis string
  • color: black&red
  • hexagonal tennis string: Tennis Racket String

  • Unit Type: lot (2 pieces/lot)
  • Package Size: 18cm x 18cm x 5cm (7.09in x 7.09in x 1.97in)
  • Package Weight: 0.86kg (1.90lb.)