Pocketgarden 1000pcs degradable environmental grow bags protection bag plant seedlings seedling bag bag non-woven size8*10


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Green nursery bag, buried in the soil can be naturally degraded Size: 8 x 10cm Product Brief Non woven fabrics seedling bag completely solve the plastic bowl seedling inseedling roots cannot penetrate the wall of the container is formed by a variety ofadverse consequences, crooked root, root problems Wo dilute root, root rot and etc.. In order to effectively improve the seedling breeding of various resistanceand growth speed, greatly reduced the seedling root growth adverse effects on the environment and the evolution of "small probability of old tree". Seedling bagnon-woven fabric made of convenient transportation of seedlings, move. Plays an important role in modern seedlings planted in. 2 advantages According to the modern concept of good seedling, seedling container and matrix are the key factors of the cultivation of good seedlings. In a plastic bag, hard plastic tube and other impermeable materials for containers, clay matrix tobreeding, the breeding seedling root growth is not normal inevitable problems.Seedling root is not normal, will lead to tree anchorage is not solid, absorb moisture and nutrition space is very small, which leads to slow growth, a variety ofresistance is poor, the integrated consequence is causing a little old man tree. If the container is selected improperly, the consequences may be the cause offailed. Now the monomer, easy penetration, easy decomposition, not the container recycling has become the mainstream of seedling container. Why light media non-woven container seedling survival rate is high, the trees were obviously better in a plastic container seedling? Light matrix no non-woven container seedlings entangled roots phenomenon, but also the formation of asingular effect: Seedling once buried will direct growth, avoid squatting at the seedling stage, if the seedlings with air root formed callus, then buried willeruptive rooting, also on the part of the direct force. This is by far the other types of containers cannot do. These show the outer wall of the container and the formation of the root segment of callus, the internal continuous supply ofnutrition, the formation of the physiological state of ready. In the seedling new ideas, more favorable root clusters such a root end callus than the formation of complex.

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  • Material: Plant Fiber
  • Style: Chinese Style
  • Used With: Flower/Green Plant
  • Plant Fiber Type: Paper Pulp
  • Usage Condition: Floor
  • Finishing: Not Coated
  • Brand Name: Pocketgarden
  • Model Number: n002
  • Type: Pots,Nursery Pots

  • Package Size: 30cm x 20cm x 3cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 1.18in)
  • Package Weight: 0.6kg (1.32lb.)
  • Unit Type: lot (1000 pieces/lot)