Nursing house Wireless pull button to call for service including 1 display receiver, 2 wrist pager, 10pcs room bell


Nursing house Wireless pull button to call for service including 1 display receiver, 2 wrist pager, 10pcs room bell Packing included: 1 X Display K-4-C 2 X Wrist Pager K-300plus 10 X Patient Button K-W2-H (with cord) If you need more quantity, pls inform us before you place the order. Thank you! Specification of Display Receiver K-4-C

1. With high strength high strength ABS shell , durable in use

2. Using digital code technology and the function is steady and reliable

3. Show 3-digit number and can show 3 groups of number at the same time.

4. Show different service type with special symbols(dots) .

5. It can work with 999pcs 1-key or multi-key call buttons in max

6. It can save 30 calling info in turn, and apply in basic service places.

7. Improve service level restaurant server for wireless calling system

8. Technical parameters

*Working voltage: DC12V~18V

*Working current:

*Working Frequency: 433.92mhz

*Dimension: 282*150*34mm

Specification of wrist pager K-300plus: 1. Can work with 500pcs 1-key and multi-key transmitter in max

2. Can show 3 group call number in one time

3. Show 4-digit number from 0001-9999 and first letter can be A-Z

4. Can indicate different service type via words or letter.(call;bill;drink; dessert; help etc and A-Z)

5. Can record when call come in and Can count the call times of each number

6. Can store 50 calls and track the history calls up and down

7. Shows current time when stand-by

8. 3 reminder ways:sound promt and vibration or both

9. Battery is rechargeable

10. Dimension:50*41*16mm

11.two display mode:live view and queue view

“live view” means, when No.1 No.2 No.3 call in turn, screen is show 0003 0002 0001. Newest call number show on the top of screen.

“queue view” means, when No.1 No.2 No.3 call in turn, screen is show 0001 0002 0003. Oldest call number show on the top of screen. Specification of Patient Button K-W2-H with cord 1. Work with our receiver to combined the wireless calling system 2. Can be installed on wall-mounted installation. 3. When the customers or patients need help only push cord to call, the calling number will be shown on the screen, so everyone can easy to know who is calling. 4. 3-key: call button from cord; call button and cancel button 5. Color: White 6. Material: PC Technical Parameter: Working voltage: DC12V Working current: ≤35mA Use Frequency: 433.92mhz Transmitted Power: ≤10mW Transmitted Distance>300m in open area Dimension: 80*80*10mm Any language any LOGO acceptable

More system may you need: Components The System consist the following parts: -Transmitter Button -Display/Watch Receiver -Signal Repeater(optional) Attention on Battery The button is with battery(12V 23A battery). And some shipping company for few countries forbid shipping the product with battery. If so, we may have to remove the battery. Please confirm with us about the shipping details before departure. Advantage of our system 1) Revolutionary product to increase staff efficiency, lower labor costs. 2) Simple but elegant, value for money. 3) Customer do not need to shout or wave hands to call waiters, improving customer appreciation of service. 4) Provide a comfortable atmosphere. Our Service: 1. Reply your enquiry in 24 working hours. 2. Experienced staffs answer all your questions in professional and fluent English. 3. Customized design is available. OEM is welcomed. 4. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by your our well-trained and professional engineers and staffs. 5. Special discount and protection of sales area provided to your distributor. 6. Do the best products and design the personalized items for our customers.

If you are interested in Wireless pull button to call for service, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

  • Model Number: K-4-C K-300plus K-W2-H
  • Product Name: Wireless pull button to call for service
  • Type: show 3 calling number one time
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Display Size: 282*150*34mm
  • Signal Range: 300-500M in open area
  • 3-key: Call, Cancel, Call button from cord
  • Application: Restauant bar hospital hotel factory etc
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Brand Name: Ycall
  • Button Size: 80*80*10mm

  • Package Weight: 3.5kg (7.72lb.)
  • Unit Type: Set
  • Package Size: 55cm x 22cm x 8cm (21.65in x 8.66in x 3.15in)