Linux Thin Client Zero Client Cloud Computer Virtual Desktop X1N with Vnopn Management Software

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Cheap Mini PC Station X1N Thin Client Zero client saving cost and opportunity for education, retail and computer lab. we made it priority one, VDI Built for smaller enterprises, from the ground up, Vrtualize one computer to Share with multiple user, Vnopn solution, the classroom management becomes much easier! Now the huge desktop turns to be the slim thin client instead! Vnopn virtual cloud desktop Vnopn is a virtual desktop product designed for middle&primary school and E-Library. Vnopn achieve its functions Through microsoft sharing technology and Vnopn HVDP protocol like smooth operation on windows desktop, centralized terminals management, and using Vnopn software for a smart class Why use Vnopn cloud classroom? User experience In traditional computer classroom, teacher and students need to wait a long time before computers turn on. 60% traditional classroom take average 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get computers start, which waste a lot of time of the lesson. Besides, teacher may find difficult to t manage the primary students during teaching process, as they are poor in self-discipline,and probably cause computer accidents due to soft hardware broken. Anyway, continuous teaching process is also important for schools. Management and maintenance Normally, there are hundreds or more computers in the school. It is heavy and complicated work to manege all these computers. In the tradition computers classroom, every PC work stand alone, which may facilitate students operation, but for the teachers and Administrator, it mean heavy workload of operation and maintenance.Besides, traditional classroom brings more security factors. Imagine that, we need to upgrade all the computer systems one by one, and install patch on them. When change course , the administrator or teacher have to spend a lot of time in the operation system deployment and stalling the application one by one. This kind of heavy and repetitive work make management low efficiency, and increase the cost. Total cost Traditional computers spend more. Supposedly, we spend the same amount that Vnopn cost, to buy a traditional computer, the hardware configuration can’t be high,and only get mid-low performance. In addition, the power consumption will be 250W at least, and traditional computers with a lot of connectors brings more potential troubles. After using a period of time, many PC would need be replaced due to outdated hardware and performance. From a comprehensive perspective of cost, traditional PC classroom has the disadvantages of low performance, high power consumption, outdated quickly, high frequency of malfunction. All of this increase the cost of traditional computer classroom. Upgrade cost The computers of traditional classroom always out of date fast due to its firm hardware and local performance. After using several years, when system and software resources occupy most space of the disk, the hardware will be outdated and need to be replaced. After another few more years, we need to replace them again. Compare to the traditional computer classroom, Vnopn only need to upgrade the system on the server, to improve all the terminals’ performance. How does Vnopn work? 1 Install Vnopn management software on the server 2 Connect terminals with monitor,keyboard&mouse,internet 3 Open Vnopn software, create and assign user names on the server by one key 4.Turn on all zero client by one key,the class start What’s the difference between Vnopn and other cloud desktop? 1 Vnopn has the advantages of Higher efficiency & lower cost Vnopn refer to share a set of operational capacity and OS resources on the sever,while other virtual cloud desktop virtually divide the server system into some subsystems, and each subsystem have their own operation system. Compare with other cloud desktop ,Vnopn Sharing model make server’s operation efficiency higher and with lower consumption, thus significantly reduce the cost of server. 2 Vnopn is better suited to the teaching model of multimedia classroom. Multimedia classroom mainly apply to education,which mean computers don’t need to be different from others in desktop and applications. Vnopn cut through the massive work of installing individual OS on each computers, with poplar sharing model, avoid resource waste and also improve operation efficiency.

  • Power: DC 5A/2A
  • Protocol: RDP7.1
  • Graphics Card Type: Integrated Card
  • Memory Capacity: 512MB
  • Processor Main Frequency: 1.2Ghz
  • Bundle: X1N without WiFi, X1N with WiFi
  • Hard Drive Capacity: ≤ 40GB
  • WiFi : Optional
  • Processor Model: All winner A20
  • Model Number: X1N
  • RAM: DDR3 512M
  • Use: Commercial
  • Online video: Yes
  • OS: Embedded Linux
  • Inner Core: Linux 3.4
  • Processor Brand: All winner
  • Brand Name: Partaker
  • Flash: 4GB
  • Web printer: Yes
  • CPU: All winner A20 Dual-core 1.2G
  • Type: Mini Desktop

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm (0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in)

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  • Date: 2018-03-30
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