LiitoKala Lii-260 Battery Charger for 18650 26650,LCD screen display battery capacity/internal resistance/voltage lii260


Liitokala lii-260 for use: warning: 1. The charger only serve cylindrical lithium-ion battery. 2. Before use, please carefully the instruction manual, rechargeable battery note of the recommended charging current, is not recommended above current charge 3. Charger charge discharge may fever, noticing not scalding. 4. stop, please remove power from ca. 5. Can only under normal conditions of indoor use. characteristics: 1 Two types of charging current are adjusted (500ma / 1000ma). 2 can various specifications (18650/26650) of the battery charge simultaneously. 3 each LCD screen battery has charge of independent parameters 4 charger mode, different current charge. 5 dischareger mode (first electric shock again), detect the capacity of the battery. 6 charger and dischareger two models can be made at the same time. 7 each of the battery are available in or autocephaly / set function to detect the load capacity. 8 variety of display mode, current (ma) / capacity (mah) / voltage (v) / hour (h) / resistance (mr). 9 30mm with dc / ac. keys (mode) description: 1 charger has two buttons, scranton control, brief comfortable to use 2 in any case hold the mode key and keep 3 seconds change charger (with charge) mode or discharege (detection capacity) mode, then in 8 seconds tootle new current change, current 8 seconds selected after running, in a light can press (mode), current view (ma) / capacity (mah) / voltage (v) / hour (h) / resistance (mr). operating mode: charging mode (charging mode) 1. When I change the charger\'s power supply when, full-screen lcd instant charger full bright, if the batteries are not put on show null, if battery is bad put on also show null. 2. When the charger rslite into the battery, charger about 3 seconds approximately measured resistance of the battery, after the automatic system to enter the charging current, the selected mode screen on and ldquo. 500ma and rdquo. thundered the 8 seconds flashes, in the period you can pass the key mode choice 500ma or 1000m of charging current, system in 8 seconds after it will be your option to lock charging current, if in 8 seconds, without doing a set the, so the automatic system at 20m current charge, current at this time will not change, if you want to change, reset battery need. 3. The user needs rechargeable battery advertent the maximum charging current, if you need fast charging, recommend you make use of 500ma charge, this is the safest and also the most favorable battery 4. charge mode, softly through the mode press the key can switch to battery power charge view (mah) / charge time (h) / battery resistance (mr) / charge current (ma), 4 types, full batterycharge after, full show, humiliated a row of small screen word of end of charge (final charge). Download mode (capacity detection) 1 discharge mode is the full battery, then put the battery discharge and detection register of coulant battery with it the discharge capacity, automatically after the battery is full. 2-battery resistance after putting in the determination of a battery charger, arbitrary in the long mode state press the 3 key in the second download download model In the download-after mode, the screen appears and ldquo. 500ma and rdquo. thundered the 8 seconds flashes, in the period you can pass the key mode choice 500ma or 1000ma current, system in 8 seconds after it will be your current blocking option, if in those 8 seconds, without making a game the, then it will automatically lock system 500ma battery charge current (currently selected this time is the charging system of the current battery). -when the battery completes after, automatic system to 2mA of discharge current of the battery and record of discharge of power of the battery, that way of detection of capacity of the battery, when the screen appears when discharher and, screen of the capacity of the final model, of the compensable flicker of the electricity screen parameter for the battery of the actual capacity -capacity detection mode after the end of, charger for \'ll before the current characteristic selected again for battery charging, sufficienty up. Specific parameters: 1 dc input voltage 12 v / 1.5a 2 lithium battery charge: 2x (4.2v 500ma), 2x (4.2v 1000ma) 3 can load the pool: specification 18650, 26650 etc. completion 4 the way intelligent shape monitor voltage 5 measuring 132mm (long) * 65mm (wide) * 31mm (high)

  • Use: Standard Battery
  • Package: Yes
  • Battery Number: 2
  • Brand Name: LiitoKala
  • Intelligent Charge: Yes
  • Display screen: Yes
  • Model Number: Lii-E260
  • Quick charge: Yes
  • Type: Electric,USB

  • Package Weight: 0.35kg (0.77lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 12cm x 10cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 3.94in)
  • Unit Type: piece