DC brushless motor learning board BLDC development board Provide HALL and no HALL programs


Basic function: Maximum operating voltage 48V, maximum power 350W; Brushless DC motors operating with or without Holzer (HALL) position sensors can be supported; The motor speed can be adjusted by external potentiometer; Current collection, display and fault protection. Introduction to MCU features: STM8S903K3T6 microcontroller, peripherals rich in resources, with the following main features: Chip operating voltage range: 2.95-5.5V; The maximum operating frequency is up to 16MHz, supporting external passive crystal oscillator or using internal RC clock source; FLASH space with 8KB inside; EEPROM has 640 bytes of internal storage space, flash frequency up to 300 thousand times, is convenient for the user to power down storage required a variety of parameters; 7 way 10 bit A/D conversion channel; 1 16 bit advanced timers, specially designed for motor control, have been optimized; 1 ordinary 16 bit timers, 1 8 bit timers; 1 way UART communication interface; 1 way SPI interface, up to 10Mb/s; 1 way I^2C interface, up to 400Kb/s; The processor has I/O ports of up to 28, including 21 high absorbing current outputs, robust I/O designs, and a very strong ability to withstand incoming currents; With single line interface module (SWIM), it is convenient for on-line programming and non embedded debugging. STM8S903K3 as a member of the STM8S series single-chip, in addition to inherit the characteristics of the STM8S series, especially for the application of the motor were optimized: with automatic 6 complementary PWM output port; the output port and ADC conversion input pins made of reconfigurable definition, which can be used in the motor is obtained the largest number of ADC conversion. Performance characteristics (Performance, characteristics): * a typical BLDC motor drive scheme based on the hardware architecture of mature products, mature and stable, can be run on a HALL or HALL sensor model, and supporting the corresponding download debugger, demo routines, detailed documentation or books; especially suitable for users to quickly learning or assessment of BLDC driver applications. * Based on a typical BLDC drive solution with mature and stable hardware design. Can run at HALL sensor mode or sensorless mode. With STLINK/V2 debugger, demo program, detail datasheet. Specially fit to start studying or evaluating BLDC control. * the main control adopts STM8S903K3T6, which is ST specially designed for motor control, and has high cost performance and stability. It is especially suitable for large scale applications in home appliances, power tools, electric bicycles and other industries; * Using STM8S903K3T6 MCU which is dedicated to control motor and has super high price-performance ratio, especially to apply in household electrical appliances, electric tool, electric bicycle and so on. * support voltage: 12-48V DC; support power: 1~350W; * Input, voltage:, 12-48V, CC, support, power:, 1~350W. * using a discrete component bootstrap boost driver to drive the 6 channel N-MOS (75V/75A); * Single, component, boost, voltage, drive, N-MOS (75V/75A)

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  • Model Number: DC brushless motor learning board

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  • Date: 2018-03-19
  • It`s simple to use. Clear Silk Print. but no schematic.,,no Hole to fix it.
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