D30 digital dice game dice/ bosons child toy / 30 face dnd D&D Dragons and Dragons dice


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The factory supplies a large number of dice, dice and chips

Dice specifications

Specification: 8MM-25MM number of dice

Bare dice: 12#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 22#, 25#, 28#, 30#, # is MM

Polyhedral Dice: 4, 6, 8, 10 ( 0-9 and 1-10 ), 12, 20, 24 and 30

According to different buyers demand custom-made of different specifications, colors, injection molding or plate cutting production, the adoption of international standards and non-toxic paint paint, materials and products comply with environmental quality standards, the factory is large in scale, strength, monthly production reached 5000000, has more than 10 years of production experience of dice, welcome all businessmen to factory visit!

Color: according to the guests to provide custom-made ( transparent color and color can be)

Material: common NS material, acrylic, ABS, AS, PP

According to the different needs of guests can do every kind of packaging

The factory is independent manufacturers absolutely true, now on the market sell many hanging dice are not his own workshop, more than 80% are reselling business, if you are interested in long-term cooperation customers, the best first visit the plant and its strength, the factory price is attractive, and welcome to the major dealers, foreign trade companies to customers come to visit our factory, there is a need to please contact me

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The company: Foshan Chancheng Hao Jin plastic products factory

Foshan Chancheng Haojin plastic factory

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  • material: acrylic(pmma)
  • diameter: 25mm
  • Model Number: D30
  • Brand Name: DONGXUAN DX
  • color: white, purple, red, green, blue, yellow, black
  • Color: White, Yellow, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Black, Transparent red
  • weight: 9g/piece
  • Category: Digital Dice
  • Type: Dice

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Size: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm (1.97in x 1.97in x 1.97in)
  • Package Weight: 0.15kg (0.33lb.)