Customized 360W series 12V 20A 24V 12A 36V 8A 48V 6A 72V 4.5A battery charger for Lead acid or Lithium Li-ion or LifePO4 battery

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(battery charger) Customized 360W series 12V 20A 24V 12A 36V 8A 48V 6A 60V 5A 72V 4.5A battery charger for Lead acid battery or Lithium battery or LifePO4 battery

​ Remark: Above information only for reference, we want to tell you we can customize all kinds of the battery charger according to customer\'s demands. Recently many customers are asking whether the output voltage and current of our battery charger can be adjustable like 0V-24V and 0A-20A,our answer is NO . Our battery charger only with one output voltage and one outpput current. Another thing, for example if you choose lithium battery charger, we will only make lithium battey charger, it will only charge for lithium battery can not charge for lead acid battery or lifepo4 battery. Important: Please be sure to contact us before place the order! As we need the exact charger specification to produce it, so please provide all the needed informations to us when you confirm to order the charger. Thank you! Custom the battery charger need below information: 1. Battery type: Lead acid battery, lithium battery or lifepo4 battery 2. Battery capacity: 3. Input AC Voltage: 4. Input plug: 5. Output Voltage: 6. Output Current: 7. Output Plug: Such as: 48V 13S 60Ah lithium battery, Input 110Vac USA 3-prong plug, Output 54.6V 15A Anderdon 50A Red plug. (Anderson 50A plug please indicate whether it is gray or red.) Manufacture time: The manufacture time of the battery charger will need 8-12 days , because all the battery chargers are customized according to the customer\'s requirements, we have not any chargers in stock. If you accept the delivery time, please go ahead to make purchase. Once you place the order, we will treat you accept the manufacture time. Lead Time: Normally we will deliver the battery charger by DHL, UPS or Fedex express, it always need 5-8 days on transport. So you will receive the parcel in 13-20 days after pay for the order. Last thing, when the order be paid it will can\'t be cancelled after 24 hours, as the charger is customized according to buyer\'s requirement, it is unique, it is impossible to change the charger specification to resell, so we don\'t accept order be cancelled after 24 hours. Please read above information carefully and buy with caution. Thanks for your kind understanding and support!

The following 48V 6A charger as an example to introduce specific parameters:

The 360W series 12V 20A 24V 12A 36V 8A 48V 6A 60V 5A 72V 4.5A 84V 3A battery charger has designed highly reliable and meet international safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

A:Input Characteristics:

Input Voltage: 100-240Vac input AC voltage

Input Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz and single phase.

Inrush Current (cold start):30A [email protected]/60HZ/ 60A [email protected]/50HZ

Efficiency: ≥85.0% 230Vac/50Hz(Typical full load)

B:Output Characteristics:

Constant Charging Voltage: 50.4V ( Li-ion),

54.6V( LiFePo4),

58.4V( Lead acid)

C:Charging Mode:

3 Stages, CC, CV, Trickle

D:Safety Test for battery charger

Hi-pot Test:15KVac 5mA 3 Seconds between input and output test

Resistance:The liftpo4 battery charger insulation resistance shall be not less 30M ohms after application of 500Vdc/10mA for 3 Seconds

Drop test: Height: The wheelchair battery chargerconform to BS EN60068-2-32:1993 TEST ED: free fall appendix B

E:Protection for battery charger

Over Voltage Protection The power supply will be auto recovered when faults remove

Over Current Protection Charger output current does not exceed the set maximum battery charging current.

Over Short Circuit Protection Battery charger output can be shorted without damage No odor, smoke, fire, plastic deformation, and excessive heal happen. The power shall be auto-recovery. (It will enter into normal condition when then the fault condition is removed)

Over reverse polarity Protection When the battery charger output line reversed after the charger will not work until the right user access only to start.

F:DC Connector Dimension:

Optional output connector: 3-port Inline, 3-pin XLR, Alligator clip, 3-port House, Coaxial etc.

Special plug: 4-pin XLR, 2-port Inline, 3-pin House, Polarized, 3-port House for Panterra and Grio, Polarized C7 etc

360W series 12V 20A 24V 12A 36V 8A 48V 6A 60V 5A 72V 4.5A battery charger

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360W series 12V 20A 24V 12A 36V 8A 48V 6A 60V 5A 72V 4.5A battery charger

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360W series 12V 20A 24V 12A 36V 8A 48V 6A 60V 5A 72V 4.5A battery charger Package include

1 x Battery charger

1 x User Manual

360W series 12V 20A 24V 12A 36V 8A 48V 6A 60V 5A 72V 4.5A battery charger

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  • Use: Golf car, washing machine, generator set, electric forklift
  • Brand Name: IDOITWELL
  • Model Number: UY360
  • Package: Yes
  • Type: Electric
  • Socket Standard: Lithium battery, Lead acid battery, LifePO4 battery
  • Intelligent Charge: No
  • Battery Number: 1
  • Quick charge: No
  • Display screen: No

  • Package Size: 23cm x 17cm x 12cm (9.06in x 6.69in x 4.72in)
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 1.6kg (3.53lb.)