Car Supplies Driver Goggles Day And Night With Eye Protection Night Vision Goggles Sunglasses


Glasses Polar Mirror Car Day & Night Anti-glare Mirror Nightgirl Driving Special Sunglasses Male Glasses Night Vision Glasses Anti-glare Mirrors

Material PP + nylon material type

Anti-glare weight 391g

Size 320mm * 110mm * 2mm

Features night vision goggles + sunglasses

Eye protection anti-glare special advantages

1 control portable: directly down, you can use the need for lens night vision lens or sunglasses;

2 easy to install: not the traditional elastic band f part of the design, a new generation of design as long as a card on the line, as long as 2-3 seconds to install the installation can be completed;

3 enduring: the overall design, the new PP + nylon material to create, to ensure that five years without loosening, which is the traditional elastic band can not be compared;

4 function is still: to retain the original CD board mirror function, (traditional dual-use mirror installed, the elastic band after blocking the lens, can not use the mirror function, give you beauty you bring great inconvenience);

5 lens protection: the lens and the body is floating design, more effective protection of the lens, never produce a friction between the lens and the body collision, allowing you to drive more quiet, so that your lens to use more long.

Integral dual-use eye protection anti-glare mirror use principle

Based on the analysis of spectroscopy and wavelength principle, the colored transparent polyacrylic acid methyl ester material, which can attenuate and block high energy ultraviolet light, is used to mold orange filter, and the additive is made of orange color masterbatch. PMMA or PC base material of the scientific ratio, and then add the right amount of light agent to maintain the orange light wave center wavelength in the 500-680 nm human visual range, this filter can be issued by the car headlamps of high energy, Wavelengths of very short ultraviolet light, part of the purple, blue light filter, highlight the 585 nm yellow, this wavelength of yellow light can not block the long wavelength of red and green, which makes us through the night vision goggles Mirror panel to see the size of the car seems to change the color of the same color, became a soft yellow, and the road conditions (light) degree and did not reduce the traffic lights at the intersection and see why, domestic Outside the visual physiology of the experts as early as the argument:

The yellow color is color that is sensitive to the human eye, is easy to accept the color, is the color that looks energetic and is not easy to fatigue.

Integral dual-use eye protection anti-glare products

1 sunglasses and night vision goggles for one: more functional, more convenient to use, more space-saving;

2 structure for the overall gear design: anti-vibration, more compact;

3 directly installed in the car before the CD board; reduce the driver\'s fatigue with glasses;

4 product design and installation, does not affect the original CD board behind the mirror and other functions;

5 myopic car baby: you have brought myopia glasses, but also with too glasses, night driving with night vision, it is impossible, if you are not too tired with glasses

1* Glasses

  • Brand Name: I KEY BUY
  • Item: Car Day & Night Anti-glare
  • Special Features: Anti-glare

  • Package Weight: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Size: 14cm x 25cm x 9cm (5.51in x 9.84in x 3.54in)