BT578 RS232 wireless irxon male and female head slave station general serial Bluetooth adapter


Li Product features and features

The main function of this product is to replace the traditional RS232 serial communication cable, the cable serial port connection into a wireless Bluetooth serial port connection, so as to achieve wireless serial communication. This product can be connected to the use of any standard RS232 with serial devices through the DB9 interface, and with the support of Bluetooth communication function SPP USB Bluetooth adapter, notebook computer, tablet computer, mobile phone, PDA and other equipment for wireless serial communication.

- this product embedded Bluetooth communication protocol software, support Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile), no driver installation to support its work in the attached device, can be used with standard RS232 serial port in various devices.

The user does not need to understand the professional knowledge of Bluetooth communication technology, for the user, or the common serial communication, serial cable connected with traditional and there is no difference in the cable, serial connection on the use of serial communication software or serial communication code can continue to use.

This product is an upgraded version of BT5701. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of one machine with multiple functions, the utility model can be used for connecting the head device and the mother head device; the utility model can be used as a Bluetooth slave and can also be used as a Bluetooth host.

Built in lithium battery and charging circuit, which can be used without external power supply. There are two types of Class1 and Class2, open space communication distance is 100 meters and 10 meters.

- provides the AT command, the user can according to their application needs for the adapter stop bits, parity, baud rate setting, the Bluetooth adapter name, master-slave role, pairing password changes, the current state can also work through the AT command query adapter.

Provide the switch between the male head and the female head. If it is connected to the head device, switch to F; if the device is connected to the parent device, switch to M.

Li Market and Application

The purpose of using BT578 is to replace the original serial cable, but how to replace, the user should have a clear plan before buying the product. Here are some typical BT578 applications.

BT578 from the machine through the DB9 serial port connected to the serial device, and Bluetooth notebook computers, USB Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth Tablet PC or mobile phone, such as Bluetooth devices used in conjunction with the main device. This is the most common use of BT578. BT578 wait for the Bluetooth master from the machine only to find, when the main equipment found in the machine after a pairing request from the master device, and the main equipment to enter the correct password verification from machine matching (BT578 factory default pairing password is 0000), the pairing is completed, the main equipment will be assigned a Bluetooth Bluetooth virtual serial port No. BT578, running on a host device serial communication applications only need to set the virtual serial port, can serial communication with the BT578, and the serial communication with BT578 connected to the serial device.

BT578 from the machine with the BT578 host in pairs. First through the AT command, a BT578 is set to host, then the host and received two serial serial cable connection from the original machine, the host power will automatically search from the machine and machine from paired connection. After the connection is successful, the blue light on the host and slave is changed from flash to double flash, and the green light is bright.

BT578 host connect Bluetooth from device use. After the host power will continue to search for Bluetooth devices around and try to match it, if the surrounding Bluetooth devices in response to the BT578 pairing request and use the same pair of passwords, you can pair success.

Li Main specification parameters

Execution standard: Bluetooth SIG v2.0,

Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth serial profile (SPP) port

Communication speed: 48009600192003840057600115200bps

Modulation mode: 2.4G direct sequence frequency hopping (FHSS)

Communication distance: Class2 product 10 meters, Class1 product 100 meters (open space)

• transmit power: Class2 product 3dBm, Class1 product 20dBm

Receiving sensitivity: Class2 product -80dBm, Class1 product -86dBm

Working current / pairing current: Class2 product 8/25mA, Class1 product 55/60mA

Size and weight: 78x34x16mm 29g (without battery)

Li Product packing list

BT578 serial Bluetooth adapter a (Class2 level)

DB9 mother to mother adapter

410mAh a lithium battery (built-in)

220V-USB a power adapter

USB power supply charging line

Use a manual

Certificate and warranty card

  • Item Type: FM Transmitters
  • Brand Name: MLLSE
  • Color Name: White

  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Size: 20cm x 15cm x 10cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 3.94in)

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  • Date: 2018-03-20
  • As expected. Product was packed very good. Next time I order on alibaba I will use a different transportation type.
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