Apiculture bee queen cell with a batch of development Queen cell The queen (queen cell) durable 100 per piece


Title Apiculture bee queen cell with a batch of development Queen cell The queen (queen cell) durable 50 per piece

One of the basic tools of artificial breeding king

Name of commodity: wax stylobate rods

Common name: wax stick

Artificial breeding king king and royal jelly production of the main tools are) box and paste box moving stairs, beeswax stylobate rods, plastic luck receiving gate, luck receiving palace worm tongue, off powder, etc.

Yukon king box is similar to nest box wooden framework, its length, higher dimensions is the same as frames, comb restructuring is also available. Stylobate nurtures the king with 3 root of three king box, the article three root stylobate installed in parallel on both sides of the yukon king box, every article stylobate can stick 8 ~ 12 candle light. Move the worm and assign a queen cell, article stylobate can be removed, easy to operation.

Produce pulp box similar to yukon king box, within the framework of article stylobate is commonly 4, each article stylobate in 20 ~ 25 candle light. Stylobate article on each side with a nailed on the article produce pulp box side can turn the stylobate, in order to move the worm and the plasma operation.

Function of beeswax stylobate rods is stained with beeswax stylobate wooden rod model. Beeswax stylobate rod made with meticulous and water absorption of wood, about 80 mm long, on both ends of a smooth hemispherical, slightly at one end, a smaller side. Big end ball diameter is 8 mm, 13 mm from the end

Round bar l0 ~ 12 mm diameter; Small ball diameter is 7 mm, 13 mm from the end of the round bar diameter is 9.10 mm, it can make different size according to need of wax stylobate.

Plastic stylobate is with non-toxic plastic injection molding for producing royal jelly using artificial stylobate, shape similar to wax stylobate. Now there are many kinds of domestic production of plastic stylobate: have a plenty of a single stylobate, plastic stylobate glue them one by one in production when using slurry box stylobate bar; Have a plenty of slat type, multiple stylobate connected together, can be directly tied to the stylobate bar when using.

Elastic moving insect tongue by horn plates, plastic pipe, push rod, wire, spring and plastic, is the most commonly used moving insect breeding and processing pulp tool. Thin and smooth horn tongue has a strong and flexible features, so the cutin tongue stretch at the bottom of the nest room, tongue will bend into the bottom of the larvae. So you can bring the larvae pulp in order to remove, in the front of the tongue; The larva in central stylobate, then use forefinger gently press elastic at the bottom of the worm pole put larvae in queen cell. Under the action of the spring push worm pole automatically restore in situ.

  • Type: Insects
  • Size: XS
  • Material: Plastic

  • Package Weight: 0.185kg (0.41lb.)
  • Unit Type: lot (100 pieces/lot)
  • Package Size: 20cm x 10cm x 10cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 3.94in)