Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser doTERRA, essential oil diffuser Nebair Atomizing Diffuser 10ml bottle


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Changing Oils is a breeze, no pouring, no mess, just screw your bottle directly on the Atomizer, then with a flick of the wrist the wonderful aroma of Essential Oil is dispersed into your room.

NebAir is a state of the art diffuser designed to easily bring spa therapeutic aromatherapy to your home, office, hotel room, or anywhere that you wish.

Features: 4 stage Timer Modes 16 Smart Interval Settings 64 pre-set Smart Setting

Product specifications: Size 3.75" x 3.75" x 5.25" Capacity 5,10, 15 ml essential oil bottle Running time Up to 120 minutes (by timer setting) 2 10 ML Oil Bottles Included

Easy to Use Device

To change the essential oil in the Nebair diffuser is a breeze. You will have no problem pouring the essential oil into its place. Other water diffusers have a spilling problem, but this device guarantees no mess. You just need to change the bottle by screwing it directly to the atomizer. The atomizer helps to spread the aroma faster as it breaks down the oil into micro-fine particles that spread fast in the room.

Use of State-of-the-Art Technology

You will feel as though your home is a spa. The Ultrasonic diffuser uses cold diffusion technology to create a healthy mist in your room for you to enjoy therapeutic aromatherapy anywhere you want it. You can use the diffuser in your bedroom, a child’s room, boutiques, office, hotel room, hotel lobby, or anywhere that you want its effects to be. The device comes with settings that makes the device more flexible and handy and can be put to use anytime anywhere.

Smart System

The NeBair has 48 settings that feature different smart technologies. You can use the Nebair by adjusting your essential oil preferences using the different settings. It also has 16 smart level interval settings and 64 smart pre-setting selections as well. This helps further to sync the device on time with different settings that help to control the timer at every interval and in a flexible and comfortable manner unlike other Nebulizers.

The NebAir Nebulizer comes with settings that include being on for 30-, 60-, or 120 minutes and the intermittent on/off cycle for 5-, 10-. 30-, or 60 seconds respectively and will hold the standard 5, 10, and 15 mL bottles. The tank capacity holds 120 mL (4.05 ounces).

Vitamins in the air - negative ions fragrance essential oils nebulizer diffuser

1. International aromatherapist\'s undisputed greatest efficacy of extended

Direct use of 100% pure natural essential oils, aroma therapy to achieve maximum effect, so that the body\'s respiratory tract, skin and other organs ... and easier to absorb the oil-effectiveness, Europe and the United States aromatherapist and undisputed Chest Physicians, the Association of British Aromatherapy (IFA ) and the European Association of Ecological Organization (ECO-CERT) recognized.

2. Spread evenly on the most complete essential oil equipment

Oscillating gas atomization using the principle of pure essential oils quickly into the hundreds of millions of particles of molecular oscillation, while the air through convection, evenly spread in the air. (Bernoulli\'s Principle hydrodynamics law)

3. The diffuser device generates negative ions

Oscillation of the essential oil molecules into the micro-particles to high speed and air friction, thus the formation of high concentrations of negative ions, effectively and in the air, the positively charged harmful factors. (Lenard effect: waterfall spray effect)

4. Without water, without heating, pure essential oils do maintain the activity of Oscillation at room temperature, the proliferation of completely heat, without water, is indeed to maintain the original plant material with compounds of the natural activity.

5. Essential oils to play the most complete effect, so that the human body a more complete absorption of essential oils

Hundreds of millions of particles in a pure essential oil molecules spread in the air by the human respiratory system, skin pores, but also quick access to the human body, so that the body of energy and more efficient access to essential oils to complete the mission essential oil molecules into H2O, CO2, with the human body the skin, lungs, sweat, urine, the body\'s circulation, body.

6. enduring effect of expanding

Evenly spread in the oil particles in the air molecules, naturally adsorbed on furnishings, floors, walls, another tonal slowly volatile, extending incense better effect, and the long duration for a full use of essential oils to the most extreme.

7. No loss of oxygen content in indoor air

Because they do not burn, it will not be in the air of oxygen depletion, while the destruction of the air quality.

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