9pcs/set martol series weasel hair pen hook line pigment oil paint brush art supplies dotting pen

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[brand]: Marley boutique wolf Hao hook line pen

[type]: 6 00000012345

[features]: Superman of process design, a uniform thickness, when in use, feel good, suitable

With all kinds of people, so users will not feel the pen is too thin or too thick.

[use]: painting gouache, watercolor painting, digital painting. Whether their own use or give is a good choice. "This brush, this also no regrets".

[material]: hair wolf Hao Mao excellent high-grade fine hand-painted sketch sketch effect for Manicure etc.!!

Oil painting pen - use method

Oil painting brush oil brush after every use, with warm water add detergent (household detergent for cleaning effect of oil very strong) soak 10 minutes, but not to soak into the pen that would paint soak out. Then use the laundry soap to carefully clean the pen hair, be sure to draw the pen hair vertically from the palm of the hand to draw a circle, the root of the brush will be completely washed off. If the root of the color is not long after the long time will be accumulated, the length of the pen is not equal to the length of the shorter. Two is to insist on washing every day. Will than color thoroughly cleaned, squeeze the net water, hold newspaper press the pen shaped package a good backup, can keep you in every painting is your oil paintings are the newly bought as good (it is strongly recommended that you used for this. This is years of experience).

On the market of the weasel hair oil brush and chemical fiber oil painting pen is very poor, prone to fall hair and brush hair curling phenomenon, is not recommended.

Oil painting pen - purchase method

Oil painting in the painting process to play the most basic functions. Handy brush, can bring fun to the artist\'s work. The selection of oil painting is determined by the technique of painting. Different texture, shape, model of the brush, its role is different.

(1) texture and function

Bristle brush: more bristles, strong elasticity, strong, strength. Coloring often left mane marks, can stir up thick paint. Can be rubbed, brush, brush, generally does not appear the phenomenon of pen hair stuck together. Used for thick brush strokes of the texture of the painting.

Sable or badger hair brush: a senior oil painting pen, moderate hardness, coloring is soft, uniform, there was no trace of brush strokes, suitable for image detail characterizations. Squirrel monkey, hair oil brush to brush fur.

The ox hair and camel hair brushes: Fur belongs to the oil pen cover used for color.

Artificial hair brush: with Diao Mao, badger hair and other senior oil painting characteristics. Artificial hair can be produced in different shapes of the brush, which can not only soften the local color, but also can be detailed characterization. But it can not be immersed in water, its hair in the water easily deformed.

(2) shape and function

Round brush: the oldest kind of oil painting pen. It has a blunt tip can be used to create more mellow and soft strokes; small round brush pen can be used to hook line, using the front side can appear large area of fuzzy color halo, for stippling techniques.

The flat brush: flat straight flat painting appeared in nineteenth Century. For manufacturing a wide, sweeping type strokes; available flat side to draw a rough lines; turn the pen body and drag brush pen type, uneven thickness of the strokes.

The hazel shaped brush: flat round body, also called the "cat tongue pen". The characteristics of both round and flat two brushes, but it is difficult to control. It is a more elegant and fluid brush in the performance curve.

The sector belongs to a new special brush: brush pen, pen hair sparse, flat fan. To sweep the wet with the brush, or soften too clearly outline. The painter who likes the thin painting often uses this kind of brush. When you use a sector of a pen, you must keep it clean, or you will be in the.

Oil painting pen (3) model and function

The relationship between the brush type and use is the most explicit. The brush size is usually used to produce large touch texture and color and type of small shop, usually used to draw lines and brush color point. Currently on the market to sell the brush model is not uniform, different brands, texture of the same model with a large brush difference. And the models are not the same, there are 0 ~ 24, 0 ~ 12, 0 ~ 16, etc.. Mane hard brush size of the model is complete, mink and other soft brush generally do not have large pen, and fan-shaped brushes (mane or artificial fur) no trumpet.

(4) the use of special tools

The brush is particularly suitable for painting: painting, sometimes small brush can be used to replace large brush. Brush another role is to dry the screen glazing.

Canvas roller: used to roll out the color and create texture. Use roller of oil painting from newly painted gently rolling can put the pen applanation, and make the color spread and other drawing tools to achieve the effect. The selection of oil painting and the painter\'s painting habits have a great relationship. Modern painters often use only a pen (with flat pen), or only with a large sum of head to tail. But experts recommended oil painting has the following pen type (model according to 0 ~ 24 distinction): No. 4 mink ballpoint pen 1 4 mane brush pen a No. 6 artificial wool round pen a 6 badger hair flat pen 2 6 mane hazel shaped pen 1 8 mane brush pen 3 12 mane brush pen 2 14 mane rod shaped pen 1 20 mane flat pen 1.

Oil painting pen - cleaning method

Oil painting brush brush pen should be after every use, than the color thoroughly cleaned, squeeze the net water, hold newspaper press the pen shaped package a good backup, can hold you in every painting is your oil paintings are the newly bought as good (it is strongly recommended that you used for this. This is years of experience).

  • Model Number: 9 suits
  • Size: 16.5cm
  • Brand Name: Zhouxinxing
  • Soluble Or Not: Paint
  • Type: Oil brush
  • Lead Hardness: B
  • Age: >3 years old
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • stroke color: black
  • Hair Material: weasel hair

  • Package Size: 20cm x 10cm x 10cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
  • Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Unit Type: lot (9 pieces/lot)

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