3M 1600 Lead free Electrical tape



fire or flame resistance

Technical parameters:

--breaking strength:161bs/in

--Maximum tensile rate:150%

--FR: pass UL510

Practical rubber insulation foam tape, authorized by UL. The normal working temperature is 80°C, and when the temperature low to 0°C, it can working normally. It has high wear resistance,

Moisture resistance and chemical resistance.

Application Scope

The major insulation of the wire and cable connector, and the voltage is below 600V

The protective cover of the high-voltage cable connector

The blinding of the wire and cable

Our company provides the products below:

3M Double side tape ( we can die cut the tape as per customers request )

1.3M VHB tape: Item number: 4905,4910,4914,4920,4930,4941,4945,4949,4956 and so on.

2.3M PE foam tape:4004,4008,4026,4032,4052,4056,4462,4466,4965, 3M4212,4215,4229P,4218P and so on.

3.3M Double sided film tape: 9075,9080,9448,9672LE,9495LE,9495MP,9690B and do on.

4. Electrical tape: 3M1350,1318,74,56,33+,1500,1600 and do on.

5. Soctch, tape: 3M600,810,610 and so on.

3M Glue

1.Glue: 3MCA40,CA40H;

2.DP series Glue: DP100,DP110,DP125,DP190,DP420,DP460,DP8005…..

3. Spray glue: 3M77,75,74,80.90 and so on.

4. Hot melt: 3M 3764,3748,3779,615,580;and so on.

5. Other glue:3M 7533,6010,4799,4475,1099 and do on.

3M Bumpon and Daul lock tape

SJ5302 SJ5303 SJ5306 SJ5012 SJ5312 SJ5514 SJ5023 SJ5808 SJ5816 SJ5832 SJ3526 SJ3527 SJ3571 SJ3572 SJ3540 SJ3541 SJ3542 SJ3550 SJ3551 SJ3552

  • Model Number: 1600
  • Type: Tape
  • DIY Supplies: Woodworking

  • Unit Type: lot (50 pieces/lot)
  • Package Size: 35cm x 15cm x 15cm (13.78in x 5.91in x 5.91in)
  • Package Weight: 4.5kg (9.92lb.)