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Tungsten electrode is electrode made of material of tungsten, which has high melting point, high corrosion resistance, high density,and good thermal and electricity conductivity. Tungsten electrode is widely used in welding for its properties.

Tungsten electrodes are ground or polished and black rod. Their end colors are so different that the can be differences to be tell apart. What’s more, their end colors are the marks to differ the content of tungsten in tungsten electrodes.

Tungsten electrode is used when arc welding with the Tungsten Inert gas (TIG) process or when plasma welding. In both processes the electrode, arc and weld pool are protected from atmospheric contamination by an inert gas. A tungsten electrode is used because it can withstand very high temperatures with minimal melting or erosion. Electrodes are made by powder metallurgy and are formed to size after sintering.

When welded, selecting the correct tungsten electrode is important to getting high-quality welds and making your welding easier. Some important factors to be considered in making the right choice are type of power source (Inverter or transformer), material to be welded (steel, aluminum or stainless steel) and the thickness of the material

Thoriated Tungsten Electrode Thoriated tungsten electrode is the most commonly used tungsten electrode in the United States. And it is used primarily in DC welding. It has a low work function and provides a high load and amperage capability. The health safety issue of 2% Thoriated tungsten has recently raised concerns regarding inhalation and disposal of the Thorium. It has a good property and conductivity reaches WT20 electrode, it can be used alternating current and works well.

2% Thoriated tungsten electrode contains a nominal 2 wt-% or thorium oxide (ThO2) that is evenly dispersed throughout the entire length of the Tungsten. The most common type of Tungsten used today. Provides excellent resistance from weld pool contamination while at the same time offers the welder easier arc starting capabilities and a more stable arc.

Besides 2% thoriated tungsten electrode whose color code is red, there are some other types, which are divided by its tungsten content.

Type Intermingled

materiais Intermingled


Color Code

WT10 THO 2 0.9~1.20


WT20 THO 2 1.80~2.20


WT30 THO 2 2.80~3.20


WT40 THO 2 3.80~4.20

orange Excellent electron emission and overall performances; high current-carrying capacity; radioactivity; suitable for DC welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium alloy.

10pcs inner one Box

Color Code: red Length: 175.00mm(5/64") Diameter: 2.0mm(7")

  • Operating Temperature: no
  • Material: Tungsten
  • Operating Current: no
  • Model Number: WT20
  • Diameter: 0.5-10mm
  • Welding Current: no
  • Application: TIG
  • Length: 50-175mm

  • Package Weight: 0.15kg (0.33lb.)
  • Package Size: 19cm x 10cm x 3cm (7.48in x 3.94in x 1.18in)
  • Unit Type: piece

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  • Date: 2018-01-19
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