MZG 1 PCS CNGA120404 CBN Boring Turning CNC Cutting Tools Tungsten Carbide Inserts for Hard Hardness Material Processing

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MZG CNGA120404 CNGA120408 CBN Boring Turning CNC Cutting Tools Tungsten Carbide Inserts for Hard Hardness Material Processing 1.MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Item Specifics MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Specification Parameter

Specification Material Corner-R Application CNGA120404-2T CBN R0.4 Hard Material Processing CNGA120408-2T CBN R0.8 Hard Material Processing 2.MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Product Photo

3.MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Packing Info Insert Packing Info

4.MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Parameter MZG CNC Tool Insert Material Introduce 1.Coated Carbide(CVD) Applicable from low to high speed cutting and from finishing to roughin. Stable cutting is achieved due to the superior toughness and crack resistance. Cutting times are reduced due to good chip control from effective chipbreakers. Achieving superior processing efficiency in the field of a wide range of steel/casting Parts processing. ZC2501 ZC2502 : suitable for low speed machining of steel part ZC2511 ZC2512 : suitable for high speed machining of steel part ZK3511S : suitable for hihg speed machining of cast iron part 2.Coated Carbide(PVD) Good for low to high speeds and finishing to heavy roughing cutting. Stable cutting with excellent toughness. Smooth fine surface of PVD coated carbide provides good surface finish and high. Achieved high reliability in the unstable processing field of stainless steel ZP1521 : suitable for high speed machining of stainless steel 3.Cermet Excellent wear resistance enables high cutting speeds Cermet maintains good surface finished due to the low affinity to workpiece material. Excellent wear resistance enables high cutting speeds. ZN60 : suitable for steel/cast finish processing 4.Carbide Tough and Hard, good thermal conductivity Suitable for cutting non-ferrous metals and non-metals Stable cutting at low cutting speeds, including milling operations ZK10 : suitable for Cutting Aluminum Al non-ferrous processing 5.CBN Superior wear resistance when cutting hard materials Suitable for high speed cutting of cast iron and sintered steel High thermal conductivity provide stable cutting CBN-S : suitable for difficult cutting material processing CBN-K : suitable for cast iron processing 6.PCD (Diamond Sinter) Applicable for non-ferrous metals, non-metals turning milling and other various type of cutting . Reduced edge build-up allows for high precision cutting. Diversified applications for cutting of non-ferrous metals and non-metals. Finished surface will be rainbow colored.(a mirror-like finished surface will not be obtained when single crystal diamond is used.) PCD : suitable for cast iron processing

MZG CNC Tool Insert Material Introduce MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Cutting Parameter Recommend Cutting Parameter Recommend

5.MZG Tungsten Carbide Inserts Instruction Safety Notes for Cutting Tool 1 Introduction MZG has put a "caution" or a "warning" label on the package of the cutting tool products, but it is not on the tool itself. Before using and handling any cutting tool products and cutting tool materials, be sure to read this guideline so they are used correctly. Also, as part of your safety education,please make sure to familiarize all of your actual operators with the contents of this guideline. 2 Basis Information for Cutting Tool Materials 2-1 Technical Terms Cutting Tool Material: Terminology for cutting tool materials,such as Cemented Carbide, Coated Carbide,Cermet, Coated Cermet,Ceramics, CBN and PCD. Carbide Material: Cement Carbide with WC(Tungsten Carbide) as the main component. 2-2 Physical Properties Apprearance: Depends on materials(e.g. Grey,Black,Gold,ect.) Smell:None Hardness:Carbide/Cermet 5~30GPaHV, Ceramic 10-40 GPaHV CBN 20~50GPaHV,PCD 80~120 GPaHV Sp.Gr.:Carbide 9~16, Cermet 5~9, Ceramic 2~7,CBN/PCD 3~5 2-3 Composition Carbide, Nitride,Carbon-nitride and Oxide with W,Ti, Al, Si, Ta,B, ect. and additionally,metal such as Co, Ni, Cr,Mo are included in some cutting material. Precaution for using cutting tool 1.General Cutting Tools

Precaution for using cutting tools

Precariousness: Direct touch to a sharp cutting edge may cause injury.

Countermeasures: When you set up tools to the machine or take tools out of the case, please wear protective gloves.

Precariousness: Misuse or inappropriate working conditions may cause tool breakage or dispersion of broken pieces.

Countermeasures:Please use safety item, such as safety glasses and protective gloves

Please use in the range of our recommended cutting condition. See our catalog or instruction manuals.

Precariousness: Excessive impact or heavy wear will increase cutting resistance and may cause tool breakage and dispersion of broken pieces.

Countermeasures: Please use safety item, such as safety glasses and protective gloves

Early exchanging tools is preferable.

Precariousness: Dispersion of heated or prolonged chips may cause injury or burn.

Countermeasures: Please use safety item, such as safety glasses and protective gloves

  • Usage: Internal Turning Tool
  • Material: Cubic Borron Nitride
  • Coating: TiAlN
  • Insert Width(mm): CNGA120404-2T, CNGA120408-2T
  • Model Number: CNGA120404-2T CBN
  • Brand Name: MZG
  • Hardness: HRA89.5~92.8

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.01kg (0.02lb.)
  • Package Size: 9cm x 4cm x 2cm (3.54in x 1.57in x 0.79in)