FCUA-CT100 compatible LCD display 9 inch for E64 M64 M300 CNC system CRT monitor

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FCUA-CT100 compatible LCD display 9 inch for E64 M64 M300 CNC system CRT monitor

If your system is M50 M500 M520, you need buy another one :

FCUA-CT100 CRT monitors, for 9-inch single amber CRT monitors, Mitsubishi CNC system commonly used in the M3 M310 E60 M64 M64S C64 used in the system.

Mitsubishi FCUA-CT100, Mitsubishi M64 E60 CNC machine tools display system parameters:

1, CRT (cathode ray tube) size 9-inch, 90-degree view angle, Neck Diameter 20mm, color: amber-proof standard: T-Band Standard

2, the signal input: analog video signal (n) 0 - 2.3V, the horizontal line step waysync, TTL digital signal (positive polarity), field-step approach vertical sync, TTL digital signal (positive polarity)

3, scanning frequency: Line Frequency H = 24Khz, field frequency V == 50.5Hz

4, the video display size: horizontal 160mm +/- 3mm, vertical 110mm +/- 3mm

5. Power: AC100-230V (50 / 60Hz)

6, the signal input: VIA Standard 10 PIN EDGE connector

Original FCUA-CT100 CRT monitors as follows:

The replacement LCD display as follows:

How to install it:

After installing:

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Our products all adopt imported industrial LCD panel and power supplies from companies such as SHARP & AUO to ensures that it has a long service life, low failure rate, suitable for working condition of continuous use of 24 hours, without daily maintenance, with exactly same mechanical size of the original hole site, and can quickly restore production as long as to plug in the signal interface and power interface. Compared with the original CRT monitor, LCD monitor has advantages of simple structure, lower power consumption, little daily breakdown, strong vibration resistance, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, simple maintenance, light weight, and easier to standardization, etc.

All models are of regular stock to ensure rapid delivery and some special use display can be customized.

  • Model Number: FCUA-CT100
  • Application: general
  • Brand Name: FTDCNTOP

  • Package Size: 30cm x 20cm x 25cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 9.84in)
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 4.0kg (8.82lb.)