Acrylic/ABS/PP/PVC hot Bending Machine 1300mm plastic sheet bending machine infrared heating acrylic bending machine 220V 1PC


Acrylic/ABS/PP/PVC hot Bending Machine 1300mm plastic sheet bending

machine infrared heating acrylic bending machine 220V 1PC

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Acrylic bending machine is acrylic, organic board, PVC materials and other thermoplastic

materials, by heating the way to soften the bending of a device. Extensive application.

Widely used in the school technical transformation course, architectural design model,

decoration works, sign production, package square wall angle, fish tank side, doors and

windows, display cabinets, supermarket shelves, advertising light boxes, handicrafts and so on.

Installation preparation:

1) Put the acrylic bending machine on a stable table, make sure the power cord is plugged in.

2) the two pipes were plugged, one end of the copper insert inserted in the pump. The other

ends of the two pipes are connected to the copper fittings on the main body of the acrylic

bending machine.

3) need a bucket or water tank, the volume is greater than 20L, 20L of the more pure tap water,

and the pump fixed in the bottom of the tank.


1) plug in the pump and the host electrical plug, open the host heating switch. The heating

tube starts to heat and the cooling water begins to circulate.

2) Adjust the material to the appropriate temperature according to the material and thickness

of the board and adjust the heated area of the control material to the appropriate size.

3) and other heating tube red, the material to be folded on the host plane heating, to bend the

location on the heating tube just above.

4) When the plate becomes soft, instantly fold to a point of their own needs, to be a moment

to be cooled.

5) After the completion of the first turn off the heating switch, then off the pump.

Model: AMB 1300

Principle: Thermoforming (Infrared Heating)

Voltage: Input 220V

Power: 1500W

Temperature range: 0-600 ° adjustable

Applicable thickness: 0.1-10mm

Applicable length: ≤ 1250mm

Heating width: 0-20mm adjustable

Note: If your area is a remote area, you will need to add a separate fee.

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  • Power: 1500W
  • Heating width: 0-20mm adjustable
  • Principle: Thermoforming (Infrared Heating)
  • Material / Metal Processed: Plastic
  • Applicable length: 1250mm
  • Raw Material: Sheet / Plate Rolling
  • Machine Type: acrylic bending machine
  • Voltage: Input 220V
  • product number: FL1741
  • Applicable thickness: 0.1-10mm
  • Model Number: ABM1300
  • Temperature range: 0-600 adjustable
  • Extra Services: Heat Treating
  • Brand Name: LZHZXY
  • Automation: Manual
  • Certification: other

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 40.0kg (88.18lb.)
  • Package Size: 195cm x 43cm x 21cm (76.77in x 16.93in x 8.27in)