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YOTAT Remanufactured ink cartridge for hp21 HP 21 F380 F300 F2120 F2180 F2280 F2179 F4180 3910 HP4311, HP1410

$13.40 $12.60

Remanufactured ink cartridge for hp21 HP 21 C9351A hp F380 F300 F2120 F2180 F2280 F2179 F4180 3910 HP4311, HP1410

Type : remanufactured ink cartridge

ink: with full ink

Cartridge model : for hp 21 (C9351A)

compatible printer:

For HP Deskjet 3910 For HP Deskjet 3915 For HP Deskjet 3918

For HP Deskjet 3920 For HP Deskjet 3930 For HP Deskjet 3930v

For HP Deskjet 3938 For HP Deskjet 3940 For HP Deskjet 3940v

For HP Deskjet PSC1400 For HP Deskjet PSC 1401 For HP Deskjet PSC 1402

For HP Deskjet PSC 1403 For HP Deskjet PSC 1406 For HP Deskjet PSC 1408

For HP Deskjet PSC 1410 For HP Deskjet PSC 1410v For HP Deskjet PSC 1410xi

For HP Deskjet PSC 1415 For HP Deskjet PSC 1417 For HP Deskjet PSC F2280

For HP Deskjet PSC F2180 For HP Deskjet PSC F2200 For HP Deskjet PSC F380

For HP Deskjet PSC F2290 For HP Deskjet PSC F4180 For HP Deskjet PSC 2180

For HP Deskjet PSC D1560 For HP Deskjet PSC F310 For HP Deskjet PSC D1460

For HP Deskjet PSC F325 For HP Deskjet PSC F378 For HP Deskjet PSC 3940

For HP Deskjet PSC F388 For HP Deskjet PSC F385 For HP Deskjet PSC F2179

For HP Deskjet PSC F375 For HP Deskjet PSC F4100 For HP Deskjet PSC D1470

For HP Deskjet PSC 3940v For HP Deskjet PSC D1360 For HP Officejet 4300

Package : 1.Brand packing : Yotat 2.Neutral packing:White & Color box 3.Bulk packing

Package contents: 1pcs * C9351A (21) 17ML

Buyers Notice:

1. All products delivered and shown in pictures may have some minor differences (product batch, label, packing). Pictures are for reference only, but all our shipped product are A+ grade quality level and 100% guaranteed against materials and workmanship.

2. When you purchase the order from us, please make sure the cartridge model number matches the one(oem code) you are using in your printer, because the cartridge’s chip is not same for different market although the printer number may be same

3. Please fill in your full delivery address, correct telephone number to ensure timely delivery of the order

4. All buyers from Russian Federation should fill in full name, or, he may not be able to receive the order. FAQ: Q: What are re-manufactured ink cartridges and why buy them?

These are formerly used cartridges that are electronics-tested, cleaned, re-manufactured and refilled by a 3 rd party supplier. All cartridges are tested to meet or exceed the OEM brand at the fraction of the cost. Also, buying remanufactured cartridges helps the environment since the used cartridges do not go to landfill.

Q: Compatible or Remanufactured ink cartridge are and economical alternative to OEM ink cartridges?

All of our compatible or remanufactured ink cartridge are manufactured according to OEM specification, and will equal the same page yield as their OEM counterpart.

For all ink cartridge that has been recycled to OEM specification, the process in cludes inspecting the use cartridge, electronics test, replacing all worn, replacing all required parts, and printing test the ink cartridge for quality. All of our ink cartridge are 100% guaranteed

How to do when a cartridge\'s nozzles are blocked by dye based ink?

Place the clogged cartridge into the dish which filled with warm water and just cover the nozzles. Immerse them until dried ink begins to flow freely from nozzles and wait for several minutes after dried ink flow out, remove the nozzles from the water and gently dry with soft tissue or cloth. Install the cartridge to the printer again and run the self-cleaning program to clean the print head. Repeat the above procedure if appropriate.

  • Cartridge's Status: Full
  • Type: Ink Cartridge
  • Compatible Brand: HP Inkjet
  • Colored: Yes
  • Feature: Re-Manufactured
  • Bulk Packaging: Yes
  • Brand Name: YOTAT
  • Color: C,M,Y,K
  • Model Number: For HP21XL

  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
  • Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Unit Type: piece