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1000pcs 500pairs 15mm Foam Earbud earphone ear buds Headphone Ear pads cushion Replacement Sponge Covers Tips For Earphone MP3

$15.00 $13.50

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1000Pcs 500 pairs 15mm Soft Foam Earbud Headphone Ear pads Replacement Sponge Covers Tips For Earphone MP3 MP4

Color: black,white,green,blue,yellow,gray,red,rose (please leave message to us your color choice,or we will sent at random ) 500 pairs soft sponge foam headphones earphone earphone pad covers Compatible with most earphones for MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, Phone, etc, EXCEPT IN EAR style Elastic, comfortable and durable Noise isolation Material: soft sponge foam Diameter: approx. 15mm Very good material, Super toughness Earbud Earpad Ear Bud Pad Replacement Sponge Covers for Earphone Headsets are used to enhance your music listening experience by giving you a comfortable feel. You may also use these to provide better hygiene by changing your ear pads regularly. Also compatible with many Bluetooth Headsets

  • Color: Gray,Yellow,Red,Blue,Green,Pink,Black,White
  • Item Type: Ear Pads
  • Package: Yes
  • earbud covers package: headphone ear pads transparent box
  • headphone covers Material: headphone foam pads sponge
  • Brand Name: Trig Rain
  • Model Number: earphone earbuds
  • Size: earphone sponge 15mm
  • earphone sponge colors: white,black,green,red,gray,blue,yellow,rose

  • Package Weight: 0.03kg (0.07lb.)
  • Unit Type: lot (1000 pieces/lot)
  • Package Size: 11cm x 6cm x 2cm (4.33in x 2.36in x 0.79in)

  • Author: Brian Tk
  • Date: 2018-01-25
  • Goods I've received, for the pink color please repair the quality for other colors I think good quality. Thanks also for gift.
  • 5/5

  • Author: Mbowearysp
  • Date: 2017-12-29
  • good products. i'll come again to your store. thanks. :)
  • 5/5