Simple Pratical Dental Orthodontic Teeth Trainer Appliance T4A Orthodontic Teeth Trainer For Kids Material: Plastic Package weight:30g Package size:10*10*10cm Color:Blue Type: Teeth Whitening Pakcage:2 Piece Suit for 12-15 year old Specifications: *This Teeth Trainer, T4A is a pre-appliance, there is only one model, a combination of these two functions of the front teeth aligned and muscle function training. *It has a design similar to other teeth training family: functional training but also for the permanent dentition patients specially designed to use a muscle. Its tongue induction device allows the tongue to do actively repeated training to correct the position of the tongue. Tongue consciously looking the tongue induced prominent parts of the device to adapt to the resting place on the palate. *Its wear fashionable, the tongue stopper can prevent the tongue habits, thus eliminating the role slows the teeth aligned harmful muscle in the course of treatment. The lip bumper extends to the chin muscle area can be eliminated by the bad habit of swallowing a result of lower front teeth crowding and mandibular hypoplasia. *Treatment process is two stages and use two different hardness materials, the same type of training. The first stage of the material is soft, elastic material, This product, T4A is made of this material for the first stage that can be adapted to the type of tooth position. The second stage is the use of a relatively hard material, it is more suitable as a retainer to limit the movement of the teeth in the further aligned teeth or orthodontic treatment. In general, it is the first stage as the beginning of the correction, the use of time for 6-12 months. *Tooth movement in a sustained period of time by applying a light force on the teeth, can be worn with a traditional removable appliance or fixed appliance to complete. However, the teeth aligned by the influence of the force exerted by the soft tissue surrounding it. Frankel on the use of wear can be changed with the training after oral muscle is found merely by virtue of the role of these muscle will be able to achieve the shift *It is recommended to wear the trainer 10-14 hours every day, especially during sleeping at night, through the bi-directional mechanical and functional method to improve the relationship between the anterior teeth alignment, arch and jaw. *In addition, timely this product can reduce abnormal muscle caused by wrong habits in the treatment of muscle function, the treatment effect has good stability. Worn with the T4A muscle function within one month of training, the patient will change. Especially wear every day 10-14 hours (day and night wear), adhere to the 12-18 months the effect is more obvious, or used in conjunction with other activities or fixed appliance correction time will be shorter. Move the teeth and can promote the effect of the dental arch development.

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  • Size: Small
  • NET WT: 100
  • Ingredient: Teeth Whitening
  • Item Type: Teeth Whitening
  • Model Number: Manka Care

  • Unit Type: lot (2 pieces/lot)
  • Package Weight: 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
  • Package Size: 9cm x 9cm x 9cm (3.54in x 3.54in x 3.54in)