Setting of Micro-step breakdown number: By the SW5-SW8 four DIP switches to set the drive micro step subdivision, which a total of 16 micro-step profile. When the user sets micro-step, stop the drive operation. Specific micro-step breakdown of the number setting, the drive surface layout instructions. Output current setting: By the SW1-SW3 three DIP switches to set the driver output current, the output current total of 8 files. Specific output current setting, the drive surface layout instructions. Automatic half flow function: Users can set SW4 drive automatic semi-flow function. showing off the quiescent current is set to half the dynamic current, on represents the static current and dynamic current is the same. General applications should SW4 is set to off, so that the motor and drive heating reduction, increased reliability. After the burst stop about 0.4 seconds current is automatically reduced to about half (60% of the actual value), heat theoretically be reduced to 36%. Signal Interface: PUL + and PUL- control pulse signal positive terminal and a negative terminal; DIR + and DIR- signals for the direction of the positive and negative terminals; ENA + and ENA- to the positive terminal and a negative terminal of the signal. Motor Interface: B + and B- positive and negative terminals connected to the B-phase stepper motor windings; positive and negative terminals A + and A- A stepper motor connected to the phase windings. When the A, B two-phase winding exchange, can reverse the motor direction. Power Interface: AC power supply operating voltage range of recommendations 18-80VAC, mains power is greater than 300W, voltage does not exceed 90VAC and not less than 24VAC. Lights: Drive has two red and green lights. Wherein the green light for power indicator light, when the drive is powered the green light; red fault indicator, when an overvoltage, overcurrent fault, the fault lamp lit. After the fault is cleared, the red light off. When a drive fails, only the power on again and re-enabled in order to clear the fault. Installation Notes: Drive external dimensions: 151 × 97 × 48mm, installation pitch of 143mm. Both horizontal and vertical installation, vertical installation is recommended. When installed, it should be close to the metal cabinet to facilitate cooling. The main application areas: Suitable for a variety of large-scale automation equipment, such as: engraving machine, cutting machine, packaging machinery, electronic processing equipment, automatic assembly equipment. Users expect a small noise, high-speed device applications particularly good effect.

  • Model Number: MA860H
  • Motor Type: Stepper Motor

  • Package Size: 20cm x 15cm x 10cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 3.94in)
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.8kg (1.76lb.)