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Rear arm bearing NE68934+DBF68933 for peugeot 405 auto bearing repair kit KS559.01


Automotive Bearings on Peugeot405.

Part NO.:NE68934,DBF68933

peugeot 405 Wheel Suspension Axle Body

one bearing in Repair Kit KS559.01

Model: NE68934(5131.49), DBF68933(5131.48)

NE68934 ID50*OD70*WIDTH24.5mm

DBF68933 ID50.205*OD58.233*WIDTH26.9mm

Rear Arm Bearing for Peugeot 405

Please let me know your request.Like do you need to Sliver or need to use your packege or need to produce according your sample.Because we are factory,so we can do anything if you ask.











About the shipment.Free ship is for the weight less than 2kgs.If more than 2kgs,we can not use China Post with track number.

But DHL is better because it cost less time.

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Repair Kit KS559.01

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About the package,we usually use white box.If you need your design box,please let me know and the MOQ is 2000pcs. About our Factory Changzhou HXD Bearing.Main products are needle roller bearing. Beucase now many customer ask for needle bearing for Peuget.So now most of our products are the auto needle bearing for car.

we also produce following Auto bearing,such as :

Peugeot106, KS559.06,Peugeot106,KS559.07,Peugeot204,

KS559.02,KS559.03, KS559.04,KS559.02/03/04,Peugeot207,

KS559.05,Peugeot306,KS559.00, KS559.08,Peugeot405,


If you needle fllow item,please contact me too

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  • Model Number: NE68934+DBF68933
  • Material: Steel
  • Structure: other
  • Coatings: other

  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 6cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 2.36in)
  • Package Weight: 0.32kg (0.71lb.)
  • Unit Type: piece