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AXK Linear Rail Cnc Router Parts 10pcs 3d Printer Solid Polymer Lm10uu Bearing - 10mm Shaft Plastic 10 Mm Linear Bearings

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10pcs 3D Printer Solid Polymer LM10UU Bearing - 10mm shaft

High Quality Sold polymer Linear bearing a direct replacement for the metal LM10UU bearing commonly used in many 3D Printers. Ideal for RepRap, Prusa, Mendel, etc. Product Specification: 10mm Inner diameter. 19mm Outer diameter. 29mm Length. Features: Easy maintenance, can be used in liquid, dusty occasions ...

. Advantages: no card ball, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, wear resistance, lubrication-free, light weight, non-magnetic, insulation

Plastic linear bearing is a self-lubricating linear motion system, which is the biggest difference with the metal linear bearing metal linear bearing is rolling friction, bearing and cylindrical shaft is the point of contact, so this is suitable for low-load high-speed movement; and Plastic linear bearings are sliding friction, surface contact between the bearing and the cylindrical shaft, so this suitable for high-speed low-speed movement. Plastic linear bearings with no special shaft bearings; can bear a greater load than the metal bearings, but due to the movement between the bearing and the shaft is a sliding friction, so plastic linear bearings speed is subject to certain restrictions; resistance than the metal straight line Bearings to be large; but its movement noise than the metal linear bearings low, especially in the case of high-speed, plastic linear bearing noise with speed is very small. Due to its internal design with chip flutes, plastic linear bearings allow use in applications with high dust and dust automatically carries the bearing body friction surfaces from the flutes during movement; plastic linear bearings also allow use during use Cleaning, can even be used for long-term liquid operation.


  • Guide Width or Diameter: 10*19*29
  • Package Size: 6cm x 5cm x 2cm (2.36in x 1.97in x 0.79in)
  • Brand Name: AXK
  • Unit Type: lot (10 pieces/lot)
  • Model Number: LM10UU
  • Package Weight: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)

  • Unit Type: lot (10 pieces/lot)
  • Package Weight: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)
  • Package Size: 6cm x 5cm x 2cm (2.36in x 1.97in x 0.79in)