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Modern digital cable length meter PC Data Network LCD Digital display automatic temperature compensation all-sun EM5812

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all-sun EM5812 Modern digital cable length meter 4 1/2

digit display automatic temperature compensation 20

pre-set wire gauge


The package is not with the battery.

We send parcel by China Post Air,the policy is that the parcel must be not included the battery, if it has battery, will not get through the custom.

This cable length meter can be used to measure the spooled

wire ( or cable ) . After you connect the meter to the two ends

of the wire to be measured, the display will indicate the length

of the wire quickly. In normal measurement mode, the meter

can measure copper or aluminum wires of 20 kinds of wire g-

auges. In user select mode, user can save up to 8 paramete-

rs for 8 wire samples; after saving the resistance of a copper

or aluminum wire of a certain length , user can measure the

lengths of other wires of the same kind by using this saved

resistance. In addition, the meter can measure resistance a-

ccurately. It Is a very useful tool for wire/cable retailer, electr-

icity department,electrical contractors, building trades, and



1. Built-in buzzer, backlight and 4 1/2-digit display

2. Reads in feet and meters

3. Measures copper and aluminum cables

4. 8 memory locations in User Select mode

5. 20 pre-set wire gauge settings:

18AWG, 16AWG, 14AWG, 12AWG, 10AWG, 8AWG,

6AWG, 4AWG, 2AWG, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 250kcmil,

350kcmil, 400kcmil, 500kcmil, 600kcmil, 750kcmil,


6. Automatic temperature compensation


Length Measurement Range: 0 - 100kft, or 0 - 30km

Length Measuring Ranges:

1000ft/10000ft/100kft, or 1000m/10000m/30km

Length Resolution:

0.1ft/0.001kft/0.01kft, or 0.1m/0.001km/0.01km

Length Measurement Accuracy: ± ( 1%rdg + 3ft or 1m )

Resistance Measurement Range: 0.01mΩ - 1999.9Ω

Resistance Measuring Ranges:


Resistance Resolution:


Resistance Measurement Accuracy: ± ( 1%rdg + 3 digits )

Temperature Measurement Range: 0 degree - 40 degree

Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ± 1.5 degree

Overload Protection: Max. 50V between terminals

Sample Wire Length in User Select Mode:

16.0 - 320.0ft, or 5.0 - 100.0m

Battery: 1.5V battery, AA or equivalent, 6 pieces

Sleep Mode:

The meter goes into Sleep mode after about 10 minutes

of inactivity

Operating Current :

About 5mA when no object is being tested and both the

backlight and built-in buzzer are off

Operating Environment:

0 degree - 40 degree ,

Storage Environment:

-20 degree - 60 degree ,

Size: 201mmX98mmX56mm

Weight: About 510g


Manual: 1 piece

Test Lead With Alligator Clip: 1 set

Copper Rod: 1 piece

  • Length Measurement Accuracy: +-(1%rdg+3ft or 1m)
  • Resistance Measurement Accuracy: +-(1%rdg+-3digits)
  • Place of Origin: CN
  • Model Number: EM5812
  • Length Measurement Range: 0-100000ft,or 0-30000m

  • Package Weight: 0.99kg (2.18lb.)
  • Package Size: 24cm x 20cm x 11cm (9.45in x 7.87in x 4.33in)
  • Unit Type: piece