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LM317 LM337 DC Adjustable Voltage Regulator Board, Positive and Negative Adjustable Voltage Regulator PCB Air Board

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LM317 337 DC adjustable voltage stable power supply board design features and electrical characteristics:

Line design features:

1) the rectifying part uses an independent 4 rectifier diodes, each diode has an anti-interference capacitor in parallel. Prevent useful signals (usually high frequency signals) and power frequency signals (50 hertz) to produce mutual modulation on the rectifier diodes to produce interference signals It interferes with the normal work of the machine, Eliminate “ modulate the AC sound ” remove the interference source for the back of the circuit from the root. (if you do not add this anti-jamming capacitance, if used on a signal amplifying circuit, there is a great opportunity to put the signal into a radio).

2) the PCB LAYOUT design of the circuit board. The whole circuit board is grounded at a point. Even if a plurality of instruments and lines share a power panel, no power ground loop will be generated. No ground wire loop will generate AC noise. The problem of the ground line loop is solved from the source. (a lot of businesses on Taobao have not designed this, so many signal amplifying devices and instruments have no way of using it, only on a general circuit).

Electrical characteristics:

Input: three lines exchange less than double 28V

The adjustable output voltage is low to 1.2V. Ensure 1.5A output current.

The typical linear adjustment rate is 0.01%. The typical load adjustment rate is 0.1%. 80dB ripple inhibition ratio.

Output short circuit protection. Overheating and overheating protection.

Voltage output range: 1.25V to 30V positive and negative voltage can be adjusted continuously.

A brief description of the set meal:

1.PCB package kit, priced at 23.5 yuan a set for delivery of parts, you need welding, because the capacitor supply instability have a fever, have a fever when the goods will choose different capacitance capacitors of the brand, the picture is for reference only.

The price of 2. finished product board is 27.5 yuan.

Note: the PCB kit and the finished product board are welded to the parts on the PCB. No other parts are included. The capacitor in the kit is imported capacitor, because the supply is not stable, it will use different brands of imported capacitors.

For the specific parts, please refer to the above figure. The circuit principle is the LM317/337 voltage regulator circuit. Specifically, look at the schematic diagram of the circuit. The PCB specification is FR4 double side 50X70MM, which is very small and suitable for small space installation.

This power supply board can be matched with a 10A 100V voltage current head, which is used as a DC adjustable voltage regulator.

Double display voltage current head VC288F (2017)

Model: DSN-VC288F (2017) is priced at 12.50 yuan (including a header, and a matching 150MM lead). Factory shop, Manufacturers wholesale table, Self - development and production (non - middleman), Other specifications of voltage and current can be made as required.

Matters needing attention: The 1. head is DC power supply. If AC rectifier is used for power supply, it is necessary to add 1000UF filter capacitor to the rectifier bridge before supplying power to the watch. The supply voltage is between DC 4.5V and 30V. The 2. current measurement range is 10A, without the direct electrical test of the shunt. 3. the range of power supply for this section is 4.5v~30V (out of range will be burned), and the range of measurement is 0~100V. 4.2017, the new program eliminates the current and voltage trimming resistor, increases the stability and reliability in the later stage of operation, and corrections the accuracy of the software in the later stage. Each watch has been calibrated by a high-precision DC load meter at the time of leaving the factory. If there is no professional precision calibrating instrument, do not adjust the measurement accuracy by itself. Particular attention This headset is corrected by professional high precision instrument. There is no way to measure accuracy with professional instrument. Please pay close attention to the following technical parameters before payment.

Technical parameters:

Range of voltage measurement


Current test range


Power supply range


Voltage error

≤0.1V — 0.2V

Current error

± (1% 10MA)

External shunt specification


Working current

refresh rate

about 300mS Once

Display mode

Double three bit 0.28”LED Digital tube

Display color

gules + Blue double color

Lead specification

2PIN AWG18 red black 150MM 3PIN AWG 26 red black yellow 150MM

Shape size

48 x 29 x 22 mm Long. X wide X Thick;

security pretend hole

46 x 27 mm

clean heavy


hair heavy


working temperature

-10 C ~65 C


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