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Intelligent Anemomter Tower Crane [special] Anemometer Temperature Wind Anemometer Weather Body Cup Anemometer JRL-FS

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1pc the tower crane tower crane [special] anemometer temperature

wind anemometer weather construction body

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Product introduction: JRL-FS series wind speed instrument is suitable for construction, meteorological, chemical, power station, industrial and mining enterprises and other units. A device for instantaneous wind speed of the wind observation. JRL-FS type wind speed instrument adopts microcomputer chip, intelligent measurement and control. The only single set alarm scale can be arbitrarily set. 4 window figures show that the display is intuitive and accurate, and with the working environment temperature detection function. Compared with similar products, the advantages of high accuracy, convenient observation, stable and reliable. This machine also increases the early warning output function, in order to increase the product\'s function extension, the convenient customer\'s use. Usage method The cable end is first inserted into the air plug socket of the host terminal. Power cord plug into the 220V socket, flashing lights, at this time for the self test process, to be 4 windows digital stability, that is, the working state. Press the set button once, set the wind +0.5 grade, 3-10 grade cycle setting, when the wind speed is higher than the set level, equipment in a state of alarm, buzzer sound alarm, a flashing light alarm window. At the same time, the internal relay status flip. Normally open into a short circuit, normally closed to open. This function is the extension of the function, can be used for customers to install other functions. Such as: power, sound and light alarm, etc. Technical index: Texture of material:Aluminum: Brass nickel plated cable plug Scale accuracy: 0.5 Alarm settings: 3-10 level can be customized according to customer requirements Wind display: 0-10 class Accuracy: + 5% Starting wind speed: 0.7m/s Display parameters: wind speed and temperature Operating temperature: -30 - 65 Input voltage: 220V Power consumption: 15W Product installation: host: the host installation installed in the driving room, should choose a stable and firm position. considering the length of the feed line and the vibration of the tower crane, the host cannot guarantee in the process of using loose. installation of the sensor: anemometer sensor installed on the upper part of the cabin, the installation must be guaranteed if installed in a horizontal position, the tower crane could fall cup wind sensor size: 18 * 18 * 16 cm note: collateral 10 m shielded cable and connection host, the length of the cable can be customized, they need to charge the cost of the cable. by extension, followed by the recommended medium cut way. continue to pay attention to the color of the cable should not be wrong. if the rotation clockwise, the pointer is no indicator of wind speed, counterclockwise to indicate that it is wrong, they need to be corrected. the terminal out in normal state, a normally closed (i.e. conductive). b. normally open (off) when the alarm is on, the state of the relay is inverted. a disconnect. b in order to guide window display. wind: displays the current scale * level set the settings of alarm: wind * wind speed: indicates the current wind speed * rice / second temperature: display the current temperature working environment * c issues that need attention. 1 to check if the product and cable are damaged before use. 220 v is normal, do not have access to three one hundred and eighty 2 is forbidden to install the products in an environment of damp heat, dust, or flammable and corrosive gases. 3 disconnect the feed before connecting. 4, the installation is firm, the plug of nutrition is connected firmly, and the phenomenon of bad contact of the socket is avoided. when the sensor plug is not connected, the host may sometimes have a state of alarm, that is normal, and the sensor plug can be inserted in the normal state. 5 the wind cup part refers to the treatment and precision assembly, use the irreversible installation, please do not arbitrarily. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice: If you choose "seller\'s shipping method" , we will arrange the shipment by sea and delivery it to your nearest seaport! If so, when the parcel arriving at destination seaport, the buyer need to pay the destination port charges (such as terminal handling charges, documents charges, storage charges, ect), tax to do the customs clearance and pick up the goods. If you choose DHL / ARAMEX/ FEDEX,ECT , we will arrange the shipment by international express and it will directly delivery to your address ( DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE)! If so, when the parcel arrived, the buyer only need to pay custom tax or duty fee. Buyers should inspect package/goods carefully before signing receipt of goods. If there is any damages, please contact your local ARAMEX / DHL / Fedex to ask the complaints and claims OR please contact with us within 24 hours.

  • display: 0 - 10 level wind
  • starting wind speed: 0.7 m / s
  • operating temperature: - 30 - 65 degree
  • Power: Electronic
  • approach alarm: 3 - 10 level
  • power: 15W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Model Number: JRL-FS
  • Usage: Intelligent Anemomter Tower Crane
  • accuracy: + / - 5%
  • Brand Name: YunlinLi

  • Package Weight: 3.5kg (7.72lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 25cm x 28cm (9.84in x 9.84in x 11.02in)
  • Unit Type: piece