DT - 8806 - h is a major measure human forehead temperature of non-contact infrared thermometer, scientific name can be called a infrared temperature cervix or non-contact infrared thermometer. Suitable for families, schools, enterprises, hospitals and other places.


1. The non-contact measurement, effectively reduce germs cross infection

2. With the body and the body surface of two measurement mode:

Body: special measure body temperature

Surface: can be used to test environment, the surface temperature

3. Rapid measurement, response time of just 0.5 seconds

4. Has the memory function, can store 32 measurements

5. Can be set up alarm function, higher than the alarm value, the buzzer alarm

6, invisible infrared measurements.

DT - 8806 - h structure

1. The infrared sensor

2. LCD screen

3. The body temperature conversion/object

4. Down key

Upward key 5.

6. Mode button

7. Measure the switch

8. The battery cover

"Measuring steps"

1. Measure the body temperature when the mode dial to the body; Measuring the surface temperature dial to the body surface model.

2. The temperature gun at heart, distance of about 1 ~ 15 cm, make sure there are no hair, sweat, hats, etc. Keep out.

3. Pull the trigger on measurement, hear "di" sound a buzzer, your measurements.

Note: when used in the human body temperature measurement, please make sure to "model" in the body, which directly affect the accuracy of the human body temperature measurement.


(1). The DT - 8806 - h person cervix thermometer to patterns in the body.

(2). Press MODE key for about two seconds, LCD display F1, then open MODE key, then press MODE key twice in 0.0.

(3). Through the up and down keys to adjust temperature compensation for calibration.

(4). Press MODE key to exit the adjustment MODE of 2 again.

Note: in order to you and your family\'s health, please don\'t will be visible to infrared light products applied to the human body temperature field measurement. DT - 8806 - h for the medical certification of visible light special person cervix thermometer, can rest assured purchase.

"On the body surface model" : the thermometer "body" model for calibration compensation to obtain real human body temperature; "Surface" mode is the value of the measuring object returned directly, without calibration.

Warm prompt: the human body normal body temperature is not constant, human body each place, and every morning and evening temperature there is a difference between men and women, there is a relatively stable range (see below). According to different body temperature change, this product is specially set up a correction and subtract function.

This product factory has strict and scientific of sterile constant temperature room set-up. First-time users in order to make the measurement data in accordance with the use of personal habits mercury thermometer can also be used to reset the DT - 8806 - h.

(1) measurement of low-temperature (pictured left), and mercury thermometer to measure how much time difference is how many can add and subtract, such as mercury thermometer monitoring to someone (20) temperature is 37.5, the DT - 8806 - h for 37 C have been measured, by raising the calibration 0.5 C.

(2) to measure high temperature period (the highest temperature is higher than the left corresponding ages), then raised 0.7 C.


The patent for utility model of the People\'s Republic of China

Patent no. : 200820147255.0

Patent no. : 200820147166.6

"Product certification"

Production license: cantonese food drug safety machinery production license no. 20091713

Registration number: cantonese food drug safety machinery (quasi) word no. 2200005 2010

Product standards: YZB/guangdong 1031-1031 (non-contact infrared forehead thermometers)

"Infants and young children fever diagnosis method"

Due to the cerebral cortex development of infants and young children still is not perfected, the function of the temperature regulating center is not yet mature, cooling, heat preservation regulating function of the skin is bad, body temperature change with the change of external environment and easily. Regardless of seasons, circadian rhythms, or nursing eat, exercise, crying, suit is too thick, room temperature too high can make a temporary increase in the baby\'s body temperature. At this point, the parents, not because with hands to touch the baby\'s forehead and the palm as a fever, it\'s best to let the baby to quiet down, rest for 15 to 30 minutes, reoccupy appropriate baby thermometer to measure temperature, many times with high accurate measurement.

Generally children under the age of 12, temperature more than 38 degrees c a fever; Children and adults over the age of 12, temperature more than 37.5 degrees even have a fever

the following please seek immediate

The baby fever within 1.4 months;

2. Intermittent fever for 3 to 5 days still no improvement;

3. After cooling care, baby kept above 38.5temperature is not retreated, or fever, but the baby\'s vitality is poor, and excessive crying;

4. When the fever and convulsions, dreamless sleep not to wake, abnormal tantrums, diarrhea, breathing rapidly, and more than a rash and purple etc.

5. With special disease, such as congenital heart disease.

In short for infants and young children fever can\'t despise, suggested that parents every two to three hours for baby measure body temperature, to understand the status of the baby\'s body at any time. For delicate baby, constitution, fever is a kind of burden, so parents must to do a good job of protection.


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  • Usage: Household
  • Model Number: DT-8806H
  • Max Measuring Temperature: 49°C & Under
  • Display Size: 1.9 Inches & Under
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Material: plastic
  • Power Type: AAA Battery
  • Theory: Infrared Thermometer
  • Type: Hard Tip
  • Style: Handheld

  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 18cm x 5cm x 12cm (7.09in x 1.97in x 4.72in)
  • Unit Type: piece