Laptop Batteries

4400mAh 6 cells laptop battery for acer Aspire AS10B5E AS10E7E BT.00606.009 3820 3820T 4820T 4820TG 7339 7745G 7745G 3ICR66/19-2


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Most of the high capacity batteries (6600mAh, 8800mAh) looks uneven.

The photos are for reference only, and the sample is subject to the real product which you will receive.

Please take care your battery, the recharge cycle is based on how to use the battery.

Battery 3.6v and 3.7V, 7.2V and 7.4V, 10.8V and 11.1V, 14.4V and 14.8V are just different parameters, the actual effect is the same.

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This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

FOR ACER 3ICR66/19-2 AS10B5E AS10E7E BT.00606.009 BT.00907.013 AK.006BT.082 AS10B61 BT.00603.110 BT.00606.010 LC.BTP00.119 AS01B41 AS10B6E BT.00603.116 BT.00607.122 LC.BTP00.120 AS10B31 AS10B71 BT.00604.048 BT.00607.123 LC.BTP00.133 AS10B3E AS10B73 BT.00605.061 BT.00607.124 LC.BTP01.02 AS10B41 AS10B75 BT.00605.063 BT.00607.128 LC.BTP01.029 AS10B51 AS10B7E BT.00606.007 BT.00607.129

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

FOR ACER Aspire 3820 MS2292 Aspire 4820TG-524G64Mn Aspire 7745Z Aspire AS5820T-354G32Mnks Aspire 3820 Series Aspire 4820TG-5452G50Mnssb Aspire AS3820 Series Aspire AS5820T-354G32Mns Aspire 3820-A52C Aspire 4820TG-5462G64Mnss03 Aspire AS3820T-374G32nks Aspire AS5820T-373G32Mnks Aspire 3820T Aspire 4820TG-5564G75Mnss04 Aspire AS3820T-374G50nks Aspire AS5820T-374G32Mnks Aspire 3820T-3051 Aspire 4820TG-5637 Aspire AS3820TG-374G32n Aspire AS5820T-6401 Aspire 3820t-334g32n Aspire 4820TG-7566 Aspire AS3820TG-374G32nks Aspire AS5820T-6825 Aspire 3820t-334g50n Aspire 4820TZ Aspire AS3820TG-374G50nks Aspire AS5820TG-482G64Mnss Aspire 3820T-5246 Aspire 4820TZG Aspire AS3820TG-382G50nss Aspire AS5820TG-484G64Mnss Aspire 3820T-5851 Aspire 5553 Series Aspire AS3820TG-482G64nss Aspire AS5820TG-5462G64Mnss Aspire 3820T-N52B Aspire 5553G Aspire AS3820TG-484G50nks Aspire AS5820TG-5464G75Mnks Aspire 3820TG Aspire 5625 Series Aspire AS3820TG-5462G64nss Aspire AS7745 Series Aspire 3820TG-332G50na Aspire 5625G Aspire AS3820TG-5464G75nks Aspire AS7745-7949 Aspire 3820TG-334G32Mn Aspire 5745 Series Aspire AS3820TZ-P613G32nks Aspire AS7745-7949W7HP Aspire 3820tg-334g50n Aspire 5745-5453G32Mnks Aspire AS4820T-373G32Mnks Aspire AS7745G-434G1TMn Aspire 3820TG-352G50n Aspire 5745DG Aspire AS4820T-374G32Mnks Aspire AS7745G-434G1TMnks Aspire 3820TG-372G50nss01 Aspire 5745DG-5462G50Mnks Aspire AS4820T-6645 Aspire AS7745G-434G50Mn Aspire 3820TG-382G50nss04 Aspire 5745G Aspire AS4820TG-374G50Mnks Aspire AS7745G-464G75Bnks Aspire 3820TG-432G50n Aspire 5745P Aspire AS4820TG-482G64Mnss Aspire AS7745G-5454G50Bnks Aspire 3820tg-434g50n Aspire 5745P-373G32Mnks Aspire AS4820TG-5462G64Mnss Aspire AS7745G-5464G64Bnks Aspire 3820tg-434g64n Aspire 5820 Series Aspire AS4820TG-5464G32Mnks Aspire AS7745G-5464G64Mnks Aspire 3820TG-482G64nss05 Aspire 5820G Aspire AS4820TG-5464G50Mnks Aspire AS7745G-5464G75Bnks Aspire 3820TG-5452G50nsse Aspire 5820T Aspire AS4820TG-5564G75Mnss Aspire AS7745G-7744G50Bnks Aspire 3820TG-5462G64nss03 Aspire 5820t-333g32mn Aspire AS4820TG-644G16Mnks Aspire AS7745G-9586 Aspire 3820TG-7360 Aspire 5820t-334g32mn Aspire AS4820TG6847 Aspire AS7745G-9823 Aspire 3820TZ Aspire 5820t-434g50mn Aspire AS5745 Series Aspire TimelineX 3820 Series Aspire 4553 Series Aspire 5820T-5316 Aspire AS5745-374G64Mnks Aspire TimelineX 3820T Aspire 4553G Aspire 5820T-5452 Aspire AS5745-384G64Mnks Aspire TimelineX 3820T-5190 Aspire 4625 Series Aspire 5820T-5900 Aspire AS5745-5453G32MNKS Aspire TimelineX 3820TG Aspire 4625G Aspire 5820T-5951 Aspire AS5745-6492 Aspire TimelineX 4820 Series Aspire 4745 Series Aspire 5820T-6178 Aspire AS5745-7247 Aspire TimelineX 4820T Aspire 4745g Aspire 5820T-7683 Aspire AS5745G-374G50Mnks Aspire TimelineX 5820 Series Aspire 4745Z Aspire 5820TG Aspire AS5745G-5462G64Mnks Aspire TimelineX 5820T Aspire 4820 Series Aspire 5820TG-334G32Mn Aspire AS5745G-5562G75Mnks Aspire TimelineX 5820TG Aspire 4820G Aspire 5820tg-334g50mn Aspire AS5745G-6323 Aspire TimelineX AS3820 Series Aspire 4820T Aspire 5820TG-432G50Mn Aspire AS5745G-724G50Mnks Aspire TimelineX AS3820T Aspire 4820T-3697 Aspire 5820tg-434g50mn Aspire AS5745G-724G64Mn Aspire TimelineX AS3820T-6480 Aspire 4820t-434g32mn Aspire 5820TG-482G64Mnss03 Aspire AS5745G-7671 Aspire TimelineX AS3820T-7459 Aspire 4820T-5570 Aspire 5820TG-5452G50Mnssb Aspire AS5745P-373G32Mnks Aspire TimelineX AS4820 Series Aspire 4820TG Aspire 5820TG-5462G64Mnss02 Aspire AS5745PG-334G50Mn Aspire TimelineX AS4820T-6645 Aspire 4820TG-3195 Aspire 5820TG-5612 Aspire AS5745PG-354G32Mnks Aspire TimelineX AS4820T-7633 Aspire 4820TG-334G32Mn Aspire 5820TG-7357 Aspire AS5745PG-354G32Mns Aspire TimelineX AS5820 Series Aspire 4820tg-334g50mn Aspire 5820TZ Aspire AS5745PG-374G50Mn Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-6401 Aspire 4820TG-432G50Mn Aspire 5820TZG Aspire AS5745PG-374G50Mnks Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-6825 Aspire 4820tg-434g50mn Aspire 7339 Aspire AS5745PG-384G32Mnks Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-7683 Aspire 4820tg-434g64mn Aspire 7745 Series Aspire AS5745PG-5464G50Bnks Travelmate 6594 Series Aspire 4820TG-482G64Mnss05 Aspire 7745-5602 Aspire AS5745PG-5978 Travelmate 6594E Aspire 4820tg-524g50mn Aspire 7745G Aspire AS5745PG-6420 Travelmate 6594G Aspire 4820TG-524G50Mnm Aspire 7745G-728G1TBn Aspire AS5820 Series

  • Model Number: 3820 4820 5820 6 cell
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Brand Name: ApexWay
  • Marked capacity: 5200mAh
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Compatible Brand: Acer
  • Package: Yes
  • Battery Voltage: 10.8V or 11.1V
  • Real capacity: 4400mAh

  • Package Size: 12cm x 5cm x 2cm (4.72in x 1.97in x 0.79in)
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.375kg (0.83lb.)