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KFSE-4.2-6 PEM broaching standoffs PEM standard,made in China,in stock


KFSE-4.2-6 broaching standoffs PEM standard,made in China,in stock

These nuts for pressing into PC boards offer permanent threads for board mounting or component attachment .Standoffs available threads or unthreaded for stacking or spacing.Thread sizes #4 t #6 and M3.

KFE-M3-3 KFE-M3-4 KFE-M3-6 KFE-M3-8 KFE-M3-10 KFE-M3-16 KFSE-M3-16 KFE-3.6-16 KFSE-3.6-16 KFE-4.2-16 KFSE-M3-3 KFSE-M3-4 KFSE-M3-6 KFSE-M3-8 KFSE-M3-10 KFE-3.6-3 KFE-3.6-4 KFE-3.6-6 KFE-3.6-8 KFE-3.6-10 KFSE-3.6-3 KFSE-3.6-4 KFSE-3.6-6 KFSE-3.6-8 KFSE-3.6-10 KFE-4.2-3 KFE-4.2-4 KFE-4.2-6 KFE-4.2-8 KFE-4.2-10 KFSE-4.2-3 KFSE-4.2-4 KFSE-4.2-6 KFSE-4.2-8 KFSE-4.2-10 KFE-440-4 KFE-440-8 KFE-440-12 KFE-440-16 KFE-440-20 KFSE-440-4 KFSE-440-8 KFSE-440-12 KFSE-440-16 KFSE-440-20 KFE-632-4 KFE-632-8 KFE-632-12 KFE-632-16 KFE-632-20 KFSE-632-4 KFSE-632-8 KFSE-632-12 KFSE-632-16 KFSE-632-20 KFE-116-4 KFE-116-8 KFE-116-12 KFE-116-16 KFE-116-20 KFSE-116-4 KFSE-116-8 KFSE-116-12 KFSE-116-16 KFSE-116-20 KFE-143-4 KFE-143-8 KFE-143-12 KFE-143-16 KFE-143-20 KFSE-143-4 KFSE-143-8 KFSE-143-12 KFSE-143-16 KFSE-143-20 KFE-M3-14 KFSE-3.6-14 KFE-632-32 KFSE-632-28 KFE-143-28 KFSE-M3-14 KFE-4.2-14 KFSE-632-32 KFE-143-32 KFSE-143-28 KFE-3.6-14 KFSE-4.2-14 KFE-632-28 KFSE-143-32

  • Type: Rivet Nuts
  • Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
  • Model Number: KFE KFSE
  • DIY Supplies: Metalworking
  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Package Size: 25cm x 18cm x 2cm (9.84in x 7.09in x 0.79in)
  • Unit Type: lot (1000 pieces/lot)
  • Package Weight: 4.8kg (10.58lb.)