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Anti Blue Light Blocking Filter Reduces Digital Eye Strain Clear Regular Computer Gaming SleepingBetter Glasses Improve Comfort

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Brightzone Original Glasses with CE mark, Quality Guarantee!

Brightzone Blue Coating Lenses: make sure our lenses have a good quality rays to proect the eyes from blue light and digital radiation.

Brightzone Light Blue/Pure White Mircofiber Soft Cleaning Cloth: we hope the people\'s eyes and feeling don\'t be too hot, especially in the summer, also hope your guys can have more chances to see blue seas, blue skys and have a fresh breath that want you to feel very good everyday.

Brightzone Clear Blue Carrying Glasses Case: this gonna be a remind to the people that don\'t always use the computer, mobile and digital sns items everyday, all this items have blue light and other radiation, if you want to use, we recommend you to wear Brightzone glasses, also remember to take some times to see something amazing in this world, like Meditation, Take exercise, Play with the Children, Climbing, Cooking, Fishing etc.

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Eye fatigue, dry eyes and headaches are symptoms of spending too much time in front of a digital screen. Brightzone lens design has extra focusing power providing you sharper, clearer vision. This patented technology helps you focus more naturally creating less eye strain.


The overabundance of bright artificial light can create a strain on your eyes. But Brightzone custom lens tints and filters block harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax. Focus longer. Work more efficiently. Be comfortable doing it.


Look around you. You probably work in an environment filled with fluorescent light, glare, and uncomfortable air currents. Brightzone patented lens technology reduces glare and prevents dry eyes.

This is a blue light blocking glasses review. They are glasses that are designed to filter out the harmful blue light. Anti blue light glasses is a must for people who spend time with computers, phones, tablets and other electronic equipment during the evening. In this article we have gathered a lot of information about the harmfulness of blue light and given a best blue light blocking glasses review and best computer glasses review.

My experience with blue light filter glasses:

I have used different kinds of blue light filter glasses for almost two years now, but I remember the day I got my first ones. I had hard time falling asleep. I had some minor bad habits like drinking a little too much coffee and staying on the computer for too far in the evening. But these habits were pretty hard to change. I needed to do work stuff on the computer and I didn’t know how to survive without the coffee.

Every night I went to bed at around 11 pm, lied there awake for one hour, got really bored and took out my phone or ipad (even tho I knew I wasn’t supposed to!). Then stared at the screen for too long and fell asleep at 1:30-3:00 am depending on the day. And you can guess that getting out of bed at 7 am was really displeasant.

I bought the anti blue light glasses first as computer glasses but started wearing them all day when I was at home. They didn’t help straight away but over the first week I noticed that I really wanted to go to bed because I was tired. Before I always got more active during the evening and going to bed just seemed stupid but I knew I needed to get the sleep. Fast forward a few weeks, I always got to bed the same time, fell asleep pretty much instantly, woke up at the same time without an alarm clock. It felt like my body was in sync. (and btw as a side note, my first blue blocking glasses were not so good and let some of the blue light in, but still worked)

These glasses are also sometimes called sleep glasses, blue filter glasses, sleeping glasses or just plainly blue light glasses.

Best blue light blocking glasses:

There are a lot of different brands making these anti blue light glasses and we have gathered all the best here. They are marketed to different purposes but pretty much do the same kind of thing with slightly different technologies. This is our blue light glasses review. Here is the list of Best blue light blocking glasses divided into sections:

Blue light blocking glasses review – Computer glasses and gaming glasses

These are marketed as computer glasses but they work the same way as other glasses that block blue light.

Blue light blocking glasses for sleep and everyday use

These are often referred to as sleeping glasses, because the blue blocking effect starts melatonin production which help you sleep.

How do anti blue light glasses work?

Blocking out blue light with blue light glasses

We are in the era of electronics. During the evening you are probably watching something on Netflix, YouTube, TV, catching up on work on a computer or a tablet or just surfing the web. It’s okay, so is every one else. These artificial lights from gadgets emit a blue glow, a light wavelength similar to the day time sky. This blue light enters your eyes and signals your brain to think it is still day time. Taking this signal, your brain then restricts the flow of melatonin through your body.

While many are aware of how blue light from electronics disrupts sleep, many do not know that about 25% of the blue light from fluorescent lighting and 35% from LED lights is also damaging to eye health, over time raising the risk of vision problems including macular degeneration. The degeneration is pretty subtle and minimum but why take any risks? Due to this fact eye strain is also eliminated.

Melatonin effects

  • Model Number: Brightzone #2018 with CE mark
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  • style: Retro and vintage
  • Eyewear Accessories: Frames
  • Lens material: CR-39 resin
  • Brand Name: Brightzone
  • Visible light perspective: 99
  • Frame material: PC
  • Frame Material: Plastic Titanium
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  • Gender: Unisex
  • Pattern Type: Solid

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  • Package Size: 15cm x 15cm x 10cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 3.94in)

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