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25A 96V Intelligent PWM Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display, MCU design, High Input Voltage for PV Solar System



1.LED Display

2.Auto-Identification Voltage

3.MCU design

4.Excellent performance

5.Nice heat dissipation

25A 96V PWM Solar Charge Controller with LED&LCD Display, Auto-Identification Voltage, MCU design with excellent performance Product Description

Part 1. Brief Introduction

The controller applies to the solar net division system (independent system). It can control the electrical charge and discharge process automatically. The discharge process of the storage battery has been optimized thus it can increase the lifetime of the storage battery and improve the function of the system. The thorough electronic protection function can keep the controller away from damage when the users install it error or the system is in bug.

Part 2. Function

1. Systematic voltage auto-identification

2. MCU design with high speed and excellent performance

3. Nice heat dissipation and electromagnetism compat design

4. PWM charging main circuit which increased the power using time thus leads to the longer lifetime of the system

5. The controller adopted the LCD liquid crystal display and doubles key human-computer interface, the integrated menu display and operation.

6. Humanized browse interface makes the operation more convenient.

7. Use the MOSFET switch, without any machinery switch

8. The intelligentize battery electric quantity indicator which makes the user check the battery working condition easier.

9. Plumbic acid seal, the alternation between the two colloid batteries.

10. The temperature conductor is installed outside which has the high precision temperature compensation

11. Electrical leakage storage function, without the repeated set which makes the usage convenient

12. The visual LED display which can let the user get to know the conditions of solar energy and the load.

13. The overcharge, discharge and overload protection; electronic circuit protection and the battery fraud connection protection.

14. Lightning protection. Parameters Model SS2596 System voltage 96V System current 25A No-load loss Solar energy input max voltage Over charge voltage 112V±1% Over charge return voltage 105V±1% Float charge voltage 106V±1% Over discharge protection voltage 86V±1% Over discharge return voltage 98V±1% Temperature cmpensation -4.0mv/ °C /2V Charge voltage drop 0.7V Discharge voltage drop 0.2V Work temperature -25 °C to+60 °C Protection degree IP30 Outline size 150mm*135mm*63mm weight 1.15KG How to use

Part 1.Controller installing

1. Wire preparation: ensure the wire length firstly; try to minimize the wire length as much as possible to reduce the electricity loss after ensuring the install location.

2. Connect the storage battery first, note the positive and negative poles, and do not connect error. If connect error, the indict light of the controller do not have any signal. But it will not make any damage to the internal units of the controller. If connect right, the liquid crystal will have the initialized interface.

3. Connect the solar energy battery wire second, note the positive and negative poles, and do not connect error. If there exists light, the CHARGE light will light or blink after 10 seconds. If not, check the connection.

4. Connect the load at last, connect the LED light or DC load with the output positive and negative poles of the controller. Note the positive and negative poles, and do not connect error to prevent the equipment from been burnt.

Part 2.Wiring Diagram

a.)The controller panel figure

b.)Wiring figure

Part 3. LED light Display and function set

Man-computer interface panel figure

The controller use the 0802 character display, LED and two film buttons as the Man-computer interface, as the figure above shows.

Number setting button (fix the time; set the load model and storage battery model)

Note: If arrow displays. It means the page can be set, Turn page button

Part 4. LED light specification

LED Model Function Figure CHARGE off At night or battery is failed to connect (1) light normally Normal charge (3) slow flash Float charge (4) double flash Daytime (no charge) (2) PRORECTION Red lamp in slow flash Load line in under voltage or high voltage protection (7) Red lamp in double flash Load line short circuit protection (6) Red lamp lights for long time Load line over load protection (5) off normal work (8) Dot light loop The voltage of electric automatic identifying battery in the controller in medium

NOTE: Press the button to turn on the light. The light will turn off if no button has been pressed within 60s to save the electricity. Press the button for over 4s, the LCD will turn off. Press the button for 4s again, the LCD will turn on.

  • System voltage: 96V
  • Protection Class: IP30
  • Maximum Current: 30A
  • Type: PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • Model Number: SS2596
  • Temperature cmpensation: -4.0mv/°C/A 2V
  • Rated Voltage: 96V
  • Overload, short-circuit protection: 2 times the rated current protection
  • Application: Solar System Controller
  • Solar input max voltage: Less than 220V
  • Cooling: Air-cooled
  • Dimensions(mm): 150mm*135mm*63mm
  • Working Temperature: -25℃to+60℃
  • No-load loss: <30mA

  • Package Weight: 4.0kg (8.82lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 22cm x 12cm (9.84in x 8.66in x 4.72in)
  • Unit Type: piece