6 PCS 18650 1300 mah lithium battery 3.7 V strong light flashlight rechargeable battery protection board

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SikeLaier SK-D415 is the largest charger in the world! unique!!! It can quickly detect 3.7 and 1.2 battery capacity. And 1-1.5 USB 5 V output, 3.7 V addition in a lithium battery, you can give any 5 products.

Car charger, and function. Baby description:

1, flat head, 18650, 1300 mah 3.7 V lithium battery

2, low since the release rate, no memory effect, high efficiency, saves the electricity;

3, the battery itself with over-current, over charge and discharge protection, 2.75 4.20 V voltage, can ensure the battery use safety, rest assured.

4, don\'t the battery punch, extrusion or remove;

5, do not put battery at high temperature;

6, the outer packing USES heat shrinkable rubber packing, packaging and for insulation purposes;

7, 18 mm in diameter, length 65 mm;

The battery instructions

Don\'t put the battery heating or thrown into the fire.

Don\'t use metal conductor short-circuit is the cathode of the battery.

Don\'t to decompose the battery.

Don\'t direct welding was carried out on the battery.

Battery should be carried out at a far from electrostatic charging, use and storage.

Don\'t put the battery used together with other battery, don\'t with different packing and different type or different brands of batteries are used together.

If electrolyte leakage on your skin or the clothes, clean with clear water immediately.

If electrolyte leakage and into your eyes, don\'t rub your eyes, immediately wash with clean water and go to see a doctor.

Put battery into the children\'s reach so as not to swallow.

The temperature of the battery when use cannot exceed the following requirements:

Charging temperature range: 0 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius

Discharge temperature range: - 20 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius


  • Battery Number: 6
  • Model Number: 18650
  • Set Type: Batteries Only
  • Brand Name: VariCore
  • Size: 18*65
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Nominal Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Bundle: Bundle 1

  • Unit Type: lot (6 pieces/lot)
  • Package Weight: 0.25kg (0.55lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 13cm x 10cm (5.91in x 5.12in x 3.94in)