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1psc In the summer of textile fabrics through black velvet Korea Chiffon Chiffon mature ladies skirt drape fabric(pleated 0.5m)


2747404679919513 HOT US $ 13.00 /meter US $ 8.00 /meter US $ 12.00 /meter US $ 13.80 /meter US $ 11.00 /meter US $ 30.00 /meter US $ 17.00 /meter US $ 18.00 /meter US $ 11.00 /meter US $ 12.00 /meter US $ 7.00 /meter US $ 25.00 /meter USD 7.00 /meter USD 7.37 /meter USD 10.00 /meter USD 9.00 /meter USD 12.00 /meter USD 13.00 /meter

Wide 150CM

Ruffle shrinkage rate of about 40-45% is stretching

Back The length of 1 meters is 40-45cm folds back

The drop is half a meter.

Need 1 meters to shoot a number of 1

2 meters on the shoot number 2

And so on......

Take many don\'t cut!


(please, before you buy a little time to spend a little bit of time to look at oh)

Chromatic aberration problem

This shop all the baby is in natural light, the 100% shot. But due to weather conditions, light, camera and personal computer display adjustment, may appear a little bias, one can avoid and solve the problem of network is still to buy (Photography Technology Co., the actual Britney will look than the shooting. The picture is better), if you mind the color, we recommend that you go to the store to buy. If you receive the goods that

Color is different, it is recommended that you change and pictures of similar light environment look again oh ~ ^ - ^

The problem of color difference will not be the basis of the complaint.

(2) about the size

The shop is hand cut her Oh, some errors will inevitably lead to size, the general error is about 3~5 cm, please forgive me, don\'t mind oh!

Size required for tailoring

Because of the production of different styles of the required material size is different, the discussion of styles and sizes as well as to grasp the real online, may appear deviation. If it is convenient for pro advise you to ask the tailor to size around here again to buy cloth, so you can avoid the purchase of deviation on the number of oh!


Communication and evaluation:

Miaomiao has always adhered to the customer is a friend, to every customer as a friend to the reception, whether you buy or not to buy, as long as you visit our store on our support and encouragement, here to sincerely thank you every one here friends!

When you receive the goods we sent, if you find any problems don\'t rush to evaluation, please contact the first time Miao Miaomiao, adhere to service-oriented, believe that any problem can be solved through mutual communication, mutual understanding, communication and understanding long live long live!

If you feel that your goods was not love or general words, you can still give a high expression of support and understanding shop hard to pay, if we do some places do not good enough, sincere please give us a chance, so that day can better serve you.

But for some unreasonable, vicious harbour evil designs, blackmail and impose exactions on the difference in assessment, and we will retain the right to report complaints in the end!


U about after sales:

1 pro in the receipt of things do not hurry to sign, you can see clearly the packaging is not damaged, and then open the inventory of the number of goods is correct!

2. If you have any question, please don\'t rush to the evaluation, please contact our customer service, we have a perfect after-sales service and the system of exchange.

Responsible for 3 postage are as follows:

The Seller shall bear the postage back and forth: the quality of the product itself, the wrong goods style, color or size (the customer to A into B)

The buyer return postage: style does not love, not the right size, and imagine the difference, color and other issues

In addition, the pro has cut the cloth cloth can not provide return Oh, remember to specify the goods returned into Taobao ID, the reason for the return of information note

4 if the product is the quality of the problem, the buyer need to provide a picture of the problem to us to verify, because after all, not face to face processing can be directly exposed to the goods, please understand! We will be fair and impartial for each buyer to deal with any problem, the human service to make each buyer more intimate!

5 to refund the money must be completed according to the Taobao process, or else we have no other money back entrance oh.

6 want to change friends please want to communicate with us, we will provide you with the return note address and exchange, but also the related chats as documents, so as to avoid the occurrence of some trade disputes, on both sides is a guarantee!

  • Feature: Shrink-Resistant
  • Type: Chiffon Fabric
  • Style: Plain
  • Nonwoven Technics: Thermal-Bonded
  • Width: 150cm
  • Knitted Type: Warp
  • Brand Name: ROMANZO
  • Pattern: Plain Dyed
  • Technics: Knitted
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Product Type: Tencel Fabric

  • Package Size: 20cm x 10cm x 5cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 1.97in)
  • Unit Type: Meter
  • Package Weight: 0.6kg (1.32lb.)