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10x14mm 10pcs/pack DR shape gold claw Zircon rhinestones DIY Accessories accessories

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Zircon is a kind of silicate minerals, which is the main ore. Zircon is widely found in acidic igneous rocks, and is also found in metamorphic rocks and other sediments. Zircon chemical properties are very stable, so the gravel in the river can also see the gem grade zircon. There are many kinds of zircon, different zircon will have different colors, such as black, white, orange, brown, green or colorless transparent, and so on. After cutting the gem grade zircon is like a diamond. The past also called zircon zircon. ic

product name:DR shape colour zircon use: As the parts and accessories are widely used in DIY handmade accessories bags, shoes and hats, clothing materials, accessories and other products;

Material:gold Alloy + zircon


Packing Quantity :1 0pcs/pack

All product pictures are taken in kind, due to the weather, light, cameras, monitors, etc. the influence of shooting, image will have some color, this is the inevitable product of the standard specifications are the outer dimensions of the goods; ff

How to distinguish between zircon and diamond? Transparency test: if you draw a line on the paper, "diamond" is placed on a piece of paper, if through the "diamond" can see that line. It\'s not a diamond. Because the diamond will be 100% of the light reflection, should not see anything. Humidity test: to ore halitus halitus spread very quickly. Diamond\'s surface is very smooth, it does not retain water and condensate liquid. Defect test: carefully observe the ore with a magnifying glass, if you can see some small flaws inside the ore, then this is a real diamond. Unless this is a very very perfect diamond (almost impossible). Fake diamonds are always very pure and very clear. UV test: if there is a relatively high-end equipment, can be observed through ultraviolet light, if it can change, it is really a diamond, because the real diamond is a reaction to the uv. [1]

  • Model Number: GS01
  • Rhinestones Type: Loose Rhinestones
  • Use: diy clothing accessories
  • Technics: Grinding and polishing
  • Style: Pointback
  • Size: 10x14mm
  • Shape: DR
  • Product Type: Rhinestones
  • Color: white, pink, Deep red, Champagne, royalblue
  • Material: Zircon

  • Unit Type: Pack
  • Package Size: 15cm x 10cm x 5cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 1.97in)
  • Package Weight: 0.04kg (0.09lb.)

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