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CJMCU1201 ADUM-1201 ADUM1201ARZ magnetic isolator instead of optocoupler module board


CJMCU-1201 ADUM1201 Dual-channel digital magnetic isolator instead of optocoupler

CJMCU-ADUM1201 ADI-based patented iCoupler digital isolators use planar magnetic field patent isolation technology. ICoupler technology is a patented isolation technology, it is based on the chip size of the transformer, rather than based on the optocoupler used in the combination of LED and photodiode. ICoupler technology eliminates the photoelectric conversion process in the optocoupler, and uses the iCoupler transformer patented technology to integrate the transformer drive and receive circuit, thus realizing the optical isolator unmatched performance advantage. Since the iCouple transformer is fabricated directly on the chip using a wafer-level manufacturing process, the iCoupler channel is more efficient than the optocoupler to achieve channel integration and easier to implement other semiconductor functions.

Because there is no optoelectronic coupler in the efficiency of the photoelectric conversion link, so iCoupler digital isolator does not need to drive the LED external circuit, the power consumption is only 1/10 to 1/50 of the optocoupler. This new electromagnetic-based isolation method is superior to the optocoupler in terms of resistance to high temperatures. The iCoupler digital isolator does not degrade performance and reliability at 125 ° C, so low cost, small size SOIC Package, which not only reduces the cost but also reduces the size of the chip. In addition, the isolation channel of the iCoupler digital isolator has a higher data transfer rate, timing accuracy and transient common mode rejection than the optocoupler. Its rated isolation voltage is twice the high isolation optocoupler, and the data transfer rate and timing accuracy is 10 times. In addition, unlike the optocoupler, the multi-channel iCoupler digital isolator provides both forward and reverse communication channels in the same chip, which makes the transmission direction of the signal more flexible and simplifies the hardware connection between the chips.

Because of the iCoupler technology, the ADUM1201 has many advantages over opto-isolators: Higher speed can reach 125Mbps. Lower power consumption than the same data transfer rate when the traditional optical isolator 1/10, the minimum operating current 0.8mA. Higher performance timing accuracy, transient common mode rejection, channel matching degree is superior to the traditional optical isolator. The smaller the integration, the printed circuit board (PCB) area of 40% of the traditional optical isolator. More flexible applications Unlike traditional optocouplers, multi-channel iCoupler digital isolators provide both forward and reverse communication channels within the same chip.

The ADUM1201 has two power supplies and reference ground, and the supply voltage range is between 2.7V and 5.5V, which enables low-voltage operation, further reducing system power consumption. Between the power supply and the reference ground need to access 0.01F to 0.1F capacitor to filter out high-frequency interference, the distance between the capacitor and the power should be within 20mm, so you can achieve better filtering results. As the two isolated channel height match, channel crosstalk is very small, and the use of two-channel input and output reverse design, ideal for RS232 bus bi-directional transceiver features, greatly simplifies the isolator and isolated hardware connections at both ends. It should be noted that GND1 and GND2 are two different reference, otherwise it will not achieve the effect of isolation.

Also note that the ADUM1201 normal work, both ends of the power supply at the same time to ensure that the ADUM1201 two channels can work properly, if there is a power can not lead to the entire chip can not work properly.

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  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 8cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.15in)

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