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400KV high voltage generator high voltage inverter transformer pulse high pressure package module super arc


Voltage: input DC3.6-6V, output DC400kV - 600KV

Line length: input more than 100mm, output more than 90mm

Structure: high and low pressure one

Uses: commonly used in 105 high-pressure generator, high-pressure ignition, teaching experiments

Red and green side of the line is connected to the red line positive green line negative

Two sides of the red line are sparkling

Can not work continuously

The high voltage module is made of Tesla coil principle and outputHigh voltage current, small size, high efficiency, the external circuit is simple (just connected to the switch, the battery can) discharge intensity violent.

Input voltage: DC 3V-7.2V

Input current: 2A-5A

High pressure type: pulse current type

Output voltage: about 200,000 volts (please pay attention to safety when used)

High-voltage two-pole discharge distance: 10mm-20mm

Output high voltage line length: about 100mm

Input power cord length: about 100mm (red line is positive)

Dimensions: 24 * 65mm (maximum diameter 24MM minimum diameter 22MM, with a side of the plane)

On the power: you can use a single 3.7V lithium battery or two series, such as 18650 battery, idle cell phone battery (to remove the protection board, the recommended capacity of more than 2000mAh) or nickel-cadmium / nickel-metal hydride batteries, 4V or 6V lead acid Batteries and so on.

This module for the scientific small system of high voltage inverter transformer / booster of the finished module, the input input DC3V-7.2V voltage can be obtained at the output of about 200,000 volts(About 1-2 cm arc), can be used as a secondary science experiment, electronic equipment, anion generator, scientific small production when the use of high-pressure source.


High-voltage modules should be used to avoid high-voltage no-load power. (The power must be adjusted before the high-voltage line of the appropriate distance, high-voltage line arc distance and the use of the battery voltage and capacity is proportional to the test arc distance from the short length of the experiment is strictly prohibited beyond the longest arc distance when the power, because high-pressure energy can not be released , Easily damage the module.)

As the power is large, the internal heat is not easy, each time the power should be controlled within a minute.

The way to determine whether the battery capacity can drive the maximum output power is to measure the battery voltage at the time of the arc. If you can drive about 6V maximum power.

Small capacity of the lithium two series in series for the 7.2V, in the arc state measurement voltage has dropped to 4V or so, the smaller the capacity of the lower voltage pull. It is recommended to use more than 2000mA lithium, the best condition with more than 4000mA battery.

  • Model Number: title & photo
  • Application: datasheet
  • power: W
  • Type: module
  • Operating Temperature: datasheet
  • special service: Teaching experiment
  • batch number: 400KV
  • use: High pressure igniter
  • Brand Name: KAI TUO DA
  • Types of: Other ICs
  • Dissipation Power: datasheet
  • Supply Voltage: datasheet
  • Package: 400KV
  • Condition: New

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.05kg (0.11lb.)
  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 8cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.15in)