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Product Features Removes ABS and PLA raft and supports from 3D printed objects Five different blade shapes for working on a variety of corners and curves Durable, hardened steel blades Comfortable handle grips

Pay attention: we have 5 types of throat; 1. M6*30mm ; 2. M6*40mm ; 3. M6*50mm; 4. M6*30mm with slot; 5. M6*30mm full metal; please make sure what is type of your choice, check it again

We are looking forward to a further extension of pleasant business relation. If you have any quetion or need something, pls contact us, we will do our best to make you satisfied. Free Shipping to worldwide , send by China Post Airmail. Delivery

3D Printer Smart Adapter For Sanguinololu Board LCD2004/12864 Control Panel Description: This adapter is for Sanguinololu Board Smart Controller LCD 2004 & LCD 12864. You can easy connect it to your Sanguinololu Board using this smart adapter .

Type : C-beam gantry plate Material : aluminum Size : T6x77.15mmx77.15mm Packing content : 1pcs C-beam Shipping Ship to USA:7-15 days Ship to other countries:15-35days

We concentrate on 3D Pens and 3D Filament.Commitment goods are 100% original.Hope happy shopping ! 1 color Length:5m 10m(10 color 5m total 50m\\20 color 5m total100m\\10 color10m total100m\\20 color10m total200m)

We can send By DHL / Fedex / EMS , if you need, please place an order, but do not pay, Leave message to us, we will discuss shipping costs. Best regards! Item Features: Apply to 1.75mm/3.0mm filament

We can send By DHL / Fedex / EMS , if you need, please place an order, but do not pay, Leave message to us, we will discuss shipping costs. Best regards! Description Color:Silver Material:Aluminum

3D printer parts store We provide all kind of 3D printer accessories, if you need some thing that not show on our store, just contact us, we will make it for you. If you want purchase more , contact

Wiiboox Nozzle Extruder Hotend Brass copper 0.4mm Bore 4.1mm M8*1.25 thread Print Head For 3D printer High Quality -------------------------------------------------------------- Let\'s use the quality to

High temperature non-stick silicone socks for the E3D Volcano and other HotEnds also using a Volcano-style heater block with thermistor clamp type. This is only fit the older screw-washed clamped thermistor-style Volcano heater block. Before buying,please

Please note before buying : Picture just as a reference.the actual delivered goods shall prevail ! can be cut any length ! Type : Aluminum plate Material : aluminum 6063-T5 Length : 2 50mm Packing content

Type : Closed-loop timing belt Model number : 810-2GT-6 Pitch : 2mm Belt height : 1.52mm Tooth height : 0.76mm Teeth quantity : 405 Width : 6mm Material : Neoprene rubber with

USD 1499.00 /carton This Drill bit needle is for cleaning of the nozzle, before use it, first please make sure your nozzle is heated to the temperature of printing the filament you were used, for example, if you used ABS filament, please heat the

Attention : othe sizes are made of stainless steel 3D Printer Extruder Filament Drive Gear Sharp Teeth 8 for Geared Stepper This is very effective filament drive gear with sharp triangular teeth. Gear designed, use it with planetary

Description: Material: Aluminum Suitable for: GT2 10mm width belt Teeth: 16 Bore Size: 5mm Package: 5pcs pulleys. Drawing: Payment > We accept Escrow

Specifications Micro Switch brand DONG HAI Model KW4-3Z-3 type common type Breaking capacity current-breaking form of double-linked Dust-protective properties of high temperature type using environmental Rated voltage 125/250

Product name: 3D print head extruder parts Thermistor Printhead Nozzle, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, you can choose any one, when buying please leave a message. Specification: heating working voltage 12 v Heating head connection length is 0.5m NTC

These socks will keep your nozzle clean and free of burnt on blackened plastic. They don’t just keep the nozzle clean, but also keep heat inside the hotend, and off the print. Made of a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material our will repel build-up

For Anet A6 MK8 nozzle extruder I3 head kits 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5mm nozzles 40mm throat hotend DIY 3d printer parts Accessories MK8 extruder kit description: The MK8 extruder kit is the mk8 hot end kit, such as the mk8 extruder plug, which can

1M PTFE Tube Teflon PiPe for J-head hotend Bowden Extrude 1.75mm/3.0mm filament ID 2/4mm OD 4/6mm 3D Printer Parts White No.12 Features: 1. Wear Resistance; Fire-Resistance; Non-absorbent 2. High and Low Temperture Resistance 3.

Description: Cartridge rod size: m3x15mm cable length:1.5meters Temperature application range: -40~250 degree NTC Thermistor Model:B2-100-3950-1 R @ 25: K 100K-1% B25/50:K 3950-1% Packing list: 2pcs